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This page is an attempt to explain how to use Listeria lists for Wiki Loves-campaigns. For this guide, Benin is used as an example.

Create a Wikidata based list of nature heritage for Wiki Loves Earth on Commons[edit]

  1. A Wikidata based list looks like this: User:Alicia Fagerving (WMSE)/sandbox wle benin
  2. To create a list like this yourself, create a new page under your Wiki Loves Earth competition page for your country on Wikimedia Commons. You need to create a Listeria list using a Wikidata list template. An example code for Benin looks like this:

{{Wikidata list
|sparql=SELECT ?item WHERE
{ ?item wdt:P17 wd:Q962.
?item wdt:P31/wdt:P279* wd:Q473972 .

Copy this code and add it to the blank page. Exchange Q962 for your country. You can find most Q numbers for countries on this link:
You can reach out to and ask for support if you need help on this.

Add existing images to the list[edit]

  1. It is no idea to edit this list manually. Each time the table is updated, manual edits will be taken away.
  2. Even if the list states that there is no photo, it is quite likely that there might be a photo. The photos are generated from Wikidata so to get a photo added to the list, you need to add the photo to the Wikidata item.
  3. Click on the Q-number under the item, which will take you to the Wikidata item.
  4. Click on “add statement”, choose “image”, and add the full name of the image. Press “publish”.
  5. Now, when the list is updated, the image will appear. You can click “manually update list” to make sure that the image appears.

Add upload campaigns to the table[edit]

A more advanced example of a Wikidata-based Wiki Loves-page is the WLM 2023 in Uganda, used for Wiki Loves Monuments 2023 in Uganda. It uses custom table templates to enable participating in the upload campaigns directly from the table:

  1. Header template
  2. Row template

If you look at the source code of the WLM_Uganda_row template, you can see the wlm-ug campaign hard-coded in it. But a similar template can be created for another country or campaign (Wiki Loves Earth, other WL* competitions…).

You can reach out to and ask for support if you need help on this.