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Content Partnerships Hub
Improving the Wikimedia movement’s work with content partners

Partnerships with international organizations[edit]

The Thematic hub will be investing more resources into developing high value content partnerships with intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), such as for example the different UN agencies, and international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). We hope to develop a content partnerships program around health, gender and different emergencies. These organizations have an enormous amount of high impact knowledge and content from all across the world, in many languages and valuable expertise – that so far has been underutilized in the Wikimedia movement as these partnerships do not fit neatly into traditional responsibilities.

Through our work in the last years we have numerous opportunities for partnerships with UN agencies[1] and other IGOs and we want to continue to scale these efforts to bring more content to the Wikimedia platforms. The hub will work to highlight the inspiring partnerships with UN agencies that have formed in the last years. With the communication we hope to both attract more interest from other international organizations to start working with the Wikimedia movement, and also to create interest so that volunteers actively work on including all this valuable material through different campaigns.

A part of the hub is to experiment on how the movement can utilize our international initiatives, such as WikiGap, to attract interest from the international partners. Having a formal partnership will support other Wikimedia organizations and community members to work with the organization. We want to cooperate globally to develop or support partnerships with the local UN offices. In the end, the success of the partnerships will be dependent on how the content is being used and collaboration with volunteers and Wikimedia organizations is crucial to develop campaigns that support the integration of the material onto the Wikimedia platforms.

If you are a Wikimedia volunteer or staff member and are interested in partnering with international organizations please get in touch with us at helpdesk(_AT_)

If you work for an organization and are interested in sharing your content on Wikipedia we would love to hear from you partnerships(_AT_)


  1. Much of the work is documented.