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Meeting with WiR Sofie Jansson 2022


WiR – Wikimedian in Residence
In Swedish: WiR Region Sörmland

Date: 2022-02-11


Sofie Jansson, WiR Region Sörmland

Tore Danielsson, WMSE

Axel Pettersson, WMSE

1. Experiences and best practices from earlier work with content partnership?


As a WiR the context was already set in the contact with the two institutions. As the collaboration is shared between two institutions there are some things working great and some challenges making sure both are happy and that the efforts are equally distributed. Running meetings both with all involved and also with the separate institutions helps in getting all on the same page. Some initiatives are shared and some are only related to one partner. Not previously a part of the WREN, as it’s not that easy to find information about all different pages and platforms. For a Swedish context the pages need to be collected and linked to make it easier to find them. Training of ambassadors to come. Help from Biblioteksutveckling Sörmland in networking to find ambassadors and to reach out with the Digiteket courses.

2. What are the main needs in future and expanding work with partners?


The training will be based on the needs and requests from the group, but ability to run edit-a-thons is part of the plan. The ambassadors have volunteered from their libraries, as it should not be mandatory and decided from management. Help in finding templates for uploads and creating collaboration templates. Info is hard to find, some of it is spread out, too much text about how to do it rather than links to the actual useful material. For librarians there is a need for a page with basic Info about how to participate (and not how to organize) #1lib1ref is needed. There have also been wishes for easier ways to get in contact with those who participate.

3. What would a good and efficient support practically look like?


As WiR the way to find info is important. Also some info about what a WiR is allowed to do as it differs a lot between different organizations and what the wikimedia community accepts. Basic know-how as short info to give to “outside” groups who are interested in participating or contributing to the Wikimedia projects. Both why they should contribute, how they should contribute and also stats and important keywords to use. Long term planning is important as it takes a bit of time to get started and to find out what to do as a WiR.