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Content Partnerships Hub/Needs assessment

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Content Partnerships Hub

Improving the Wikimedia movement’s work with content partners

We have different needs depending on the context we work in. These needs must be identified in order for the movement to reach its full potential.

The hub team is talking with volunteers and staff that are working on content partnerships across the world to learn more about what you are doing, what you would like to do more of, how you can contribute and what is currently limiting your work? We want to do interesting things together!

The needs assessments we do aims to identify the areas and the knowledge we already have and see how we can help each other more. We need to better understand the needs of the Wikimedia movement when it comes to these partnerships. To find out these needs, we need to compile knowledge from issues about how we work with institutions in the cultural sector.

The interview is an open conversation and the questions begin with how and why in the current situation, to later move on to what you need and want in the future. An important part is that we try to identify new collaborations within the Wikimedia movement and to make the work more global across borders. We also hope to introduce you to the Thematic hubs and the opportunities connected to it.

This approach also provides the opportunity to compile successful projects and develop the characteristics and guidelines that can function as best practice in the future. So we can develop relevant support for the problems and challenges we will face in the expansion of content collaborations, together.

The goal is not a report, but we use your answers to help guide our daily work. We have frequent team meetings where we try to adjust and readjust what we do, and how we do things, by ongoingly integrating the suggestions you give us. The initial results were analysed and compiled in the beginning of 2022 and are included in Needs Assessment Report 2022 of The Content Partnerships Hub.

Are you a volunteer or a staff member working on content partnerships? We would love you to take part in our research, please get in touch with tore.danielsson(_AT_)wikimedia.se.

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