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Content Partnerships Hub/Needs assessment/Research results/Wikimedia Chile

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Notes from meeting with Wikimedia Chile

Date: 2021-10-01

Participants in meeting:
Patricia Diaz-Rubio, WMCL
Tore Danielsson, WMSE
Axel Pettersson, WMSE

Do you work with content partnerships today?
Program called Alliances for working with partners, not only GLAMs, but rather Unis and public sector (national tourism service, national service of cultural heritage) and international agencies like Eclac. Our projects focus mostly on content creation, content donation and training. We had Separated our Education program where we don't do much content creation but work with students in digital literacy activities.

What is your normal work process in collaborations with partners?
Normal approach is previous contact from earlier work. Invitations to talks or particular events to get a contact to build from (contest, interviews for our podcast, etc). Everybody knows WikiPedia, but the difference from WikiMedia needs to be explained and made clear.

What are your desired content partnerships in the future?
Two scopes: GLAM/Cultural: Training practitioners in the open culture world. Looking for longer term relationships, changing the minds of cultural heritage workers and institutions. Open knowledge advocates: Not that many others in Chile in the field, but trying to build networks and work more openly. Be part of changing the constitution as that is happening now. Bigger and more important to participate in the process. Opportunity to be part of something new. Trying not to take sides, but bring new perspectives.

Are you having a work plan for new partners and collaborations?
Learned from WMBR to focus on certain regions. Building a pilot project to do more, have an agenda with several events and organizations, give training to institutions and work with volunteers, build a local network. Get much impact to have participants see that a lot is happening and that they can cheer each other on.

What are your needs for a successful work with partners?
Need experiences from others to show impact. Show stats and what has been done in other parts of the world to have new and potential partners see what works. Build a pool of examples. It’s hard for new contacts to know what will come out of working with the wikimedia movement, and if that can be compiled it will help. Setting up a bank of common resources to use for presentations.

What does the best support look like for a successful partnership?
Partners need to be open to both working and also for the other parts of what the movement does. Full commitment from partners supporting activities. Setting up a network within the movement for partnerships. Both regional and wider areas need to be connected. Building a family for support when problems arise or when questions need to be sorted out. The community is both volunteers and staff, and we should network and build on that.

Other questions or suggestions for other people who would be interested in discussing these issues?
Links: CC Summit presentation: https://sched.co/lhOw

Other thoughts: Work with forming a network for GLAM specialists (who are not lawyers)