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Wikimedia Ukraine needs assessment 2021

Date: 2021-10-18

Anton Protsiuk, WMUA
Axel Pettersson, WMSE
Tore Danielsson, WMSE

How do you work with content partnerships today?

will elaborate during the call https://ua.wikimedia.org/wiki/БоГеМА — examples of “true” GLAM content partnerships content campaigns for the community — more prevalent, a common model. See, for example, https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia_Ukraine/2020/Program_story_for_Midpoint_report More collaborations with libraries-museums as a way to increase participation rather than direct content partnerships atm. want to develop a broader strategy for GLAM content partnerships but aren’t there yet.

GLAM partnerships with different partners and institutions, both museums and cathedrals. Want to have more strategic content partnerships, focusing on both getting new editors and more content. Working with libraries to get librarians to edit. Running a lot of thematic weeks to attract editors, and awarding prices at the end of projects.

What is your normal work process in collaborations with partners?

Wikipedia is very popular and WMUA are often asked to be partners in projects. Organizations want to have a topic improved and ask if they should hire editors but the WMUA approach is to do a thematic week, article contest or campaign around the topic. Both gov orgs and other institutions. WMUA does the wikipedia work in setting up pages and send out invitations to the community. The partners is asked for topic, list of relevant articles and list of good sources that can be provided to the community. The partners is also asked for promotion outside of the community who are interested in the topic, and than WMUA organize webinars and edit-a-thons. Partners are also asked for prizes, often connected to the topic, sometimes small items but also meetings with interesting people connected to the topic.

Are you having a work plan for new partners and collaborations?
No general plan for content partnerships in place, but a general approach should be created. A lot of work can be copied from previous projects as they are similar in form and shape.

What are your needs for a successful work with partners?

Clear expectations and agreements about what should be done and who can do what. Make sure that the partner is not expecting WMUA to edit Wikipedia according to their wishes.

What does the best support look like for a successful partnership?

Support in training to build up more technical experience and using tools. Easier to find case studies that are more developed in details and th full length of i.e. an upload. Instructional material for external partners and what they should be able to do in a partnership. Have instructions in English that can be translated to Ukrainian. Have the OTRS permission process in Ukrainian better developed for partners to be able to read up on how to run through getting material released and cleared when it comes to licenses.