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Cooperation of Wikimedia's Italian regional projects/Plan/scn

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This page is a translated version of the page Cooperation of Wikimedia's Italian regional projects/Plan and the translation is 75% complete.
Azzioni pianificati (cancia) Data d'accuminzagghia Utenti ntirissati (cancia) Data di fini Situazzioni
1 Pi mplimintari lu canali IRC #wikipedia-lingueconnect 7 jinnaru 2012 Nickanc 10 dicèmmiru 2012 Fattu
2 Traduzzioni:
  • Traduzzioni dâ ntirfaccia
  • Traduzzioni dâ CentralNotice
  • Àutri traduzzioni (translatewiki.net)
9 jinnaru 2012 Nzirisci ccà lu tò nomu e la/li tò lingua/i
3 Supportu pê pruggetti nta l'Incubator 10 jinnaru 2012 Nzirisci lu tò nomu e lu/li pruggettu/i pê quali sî ntirissatu

Support for the projects with:

  • Creating, upgrading and/or importing (if based from other Wikis) Templates and Modules
  • Connect pages of the CWIRP projects on Wikidata (if necessary)
  • Fixing Lint Errors
  • Making Phabricator tasks (if necessary)
14 uttùviru 2017 Please insert your name and where you usually base the Templates and Modules from
5 Support for the projects in fighting against vandalism. 2020s Please insert your name