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This is an overview of current COVID-19 WikiProjects, on Wikipedia, Wikidata, and elsewhere.

2/23: Welcome CTP mavens! Please leave comments and questions on the talk page here, and we will point you to appropriate WikiProjects where appropriate :)

2/26 (This Friday!): there will be sessions on (a) Wikipedia and COVID and (b) Wikidata and COVID, as part of the Shuttleworth Foundation's #FlashForwardFest.


graphical overview
graphical overview

General tasks

  • Add epidemiological information to outbreak items.
  • Example outbreak item: COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil (Q86597695)
  • Example epidemiological properties:
  • number of deaths (P1120)
  • number of cases (P1603)
  • number of recoveries (P8010)
  • number of clinical tests (P8011)
  • distribution map (P1846)
  • tabular case data (P8204)
  • number of vaccinations (P9107)
  • Data for entities that are not countries (i.e. continents or states)
  • Data about vaccinations and tests (not currently covered)


Mediaviews visualization of how a COVID-19 visual is used across the projects.
Mediaviews visualization of how a COVID-19 visual is used across the projects.

Longer list of project pages


COVID-19, WMMED first report
Covid-19 (en)
Simple Wikipedia
w:simple:Covid-19 outbreak
w:simple:Category:2019–20 coronavirus pandemic
w:simple:List of deaths from the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic
Wikisource (primary sources)
Covid-19: Lightening the load and preparing for the future
Wikivoyage (travel advisories)
voy:en:COVID-19 pandemic
How-to guides
evergreen: the Corona Tech Handbook | WikiHow:Covid-19

Collaboration Sprints and Events

  • COVID19 Virtual BioHackathon 2020 (April wrap-up slides), regular followups
  • WM Hackathon: Covid-Obit - to help file obits for people who died of COVID. (Vera)
    • spreadsheet tool: using a programmed Google Sheet to generate json to update a .tab file on Commons (Vera)
    • related Phabricator tickets: ?
  • WP Symposium (Netha, fall 2020) - art, animations
  • endcoronavirus - regular sprints

See also

  • For general-purpose how-tos, guides, and topical collaboratives: Corona Handbook
  • The New Possible - reflections on positive changes now possible around the world [takes suggestions]
  • The original daily template
  • Desire for a dashboards catalog: see discussion on talk page