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CVN logo.svg Countervandalism network

The countervandalism network
is a distinct group. It is neither
affiliated with nor managed by the
Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikimedia Cloud VPS[edit]

Managed by: Krinkle.

Our environment at Wikimedia Cloud VPS is our primary cluster from which tools and bots are run.

Bots (applications) on these servers are automatically kept running via stillalive. A periodic cron run of stillalive on each server ensures all bots pooled on that server are still running.




We have an empty Toolforge account for the purpose of forwarding e-mail.

  • is sent to all members. Member list (public) -
  • is a custom forwarder sent to CVN admins.
  • is a custom forwarder sent to CVN admins. (Identical)

The member list is manually kept in sync with the Members access group on wikitech:Nova Resource:Cvn via

The admins list is manually kept in sync with the Admins access group on wikitech:Nova Resource:Cvn by editing .forward.admins on the Toolforge bastion server. To access the forward list:

$ ssh
$ become cvn
$ cat .forward.admins

The admins2 list is the same as the admin list. It exists for the purpose of Nick management due to the limit of 5 NickServ accounts per e-mail address at Freenode IRC.

See wikitech:Help:Toolforge#Email for more details about how .forward works.


Our primary web server running the web services.


Pool of app servers running the bots.[edit]

Managed by: Az1568.


  • DigitalOcean instance which is externally managed.


Managed by: Krinkle.

Primary bots:

Our account at the Toolserver used to be our server for running bots. The bots have been migrated to Wikimedia Cloud VPS.