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CVN logo.svg Countervandalism network

The countervandalism network
is a distinct group. It is neither
affiliated with nor managed by the
Wikimedia Foundation.

As of August 2012, all channels of the network has been standardized.

All staff members have now access in all existing cvn-channels. However, there are private test channel of some users in the form of #cvn-username, which are not owned by staff. If needed, the group contacts can request access to such channelsfrom freenode.

Channel settings[edit]

Access flags[edit]

Users are assigned templates (flags) reflecting a semi-formal hierarchy, with each group having all the rights of the previous groups.

bot (+V)
V automatic voice.
voiced (+AV)
A view channel access list.
local_op (+AfiotvV)
f modify channel access list.
i invite and getkey commands.
o op and deop commands.
t topic and topicappend commands.
v voice and devoice commands.
staff (+AfiorRtvV)
r kick, ban, kickban, and unban commands.
R recover and clear commands.
senior_staff (+AfiorRstvV)
s set command.
founder (+AFRfiorstvV)
F full founder access.
banned (+b)
b automatic kickban.

Unused rights:

  • O: automatic op.

All senior staff members have access to cvn-gc, which is set as founder in all countervandalism network channels.

Channel setting[edit]

  • The topic should include a part that says "help & info: #countervandalismconnect" and when CVN-ClerkBot is in a channel, then a part with "type !staff followed by you request to ping channel staff" should also be added. A link to the local project of a channel should also be included. Local channel ops may add more and of course translate the message as needed.

The following table shows some basic channel settings. Some channels may also use the channel setting +m. That means that only voiced users can speak in a channel. Some few channels may be set +r, which means only users who are identified to services can join that channel. That flag is usually only set in channels that may provide sensitive data or has otherwise problems with with not identified users.

SET options
mlock +ntR-cik
topiclock off
private off
secureops off
secure on
entrymsg off
email none
guard on
verbose on


The following command aliases are used to create new channels. $(1) is the name of the channel being set up.

You may create new channels yourself, but you should inform the channel staff in #countervandalismconnect.

task alias
Register channel

Set templates


Add global staff
register $(1)

template $(1) voiced       +VA
template $(1) local_op     +vVotifA
template $(1) staff        +vVotsriRfA
template $(1) founder      +vVotsriRfAF
template $(1) banned       +b
template $(1) bot          +V

set $(1) mlock     +ntR-cik
set $(1) topiclock off
set $(1) private   off
set $(1) secure    on
set $(1) entrymsg  NONE
set $(1) url
set $(1) guard     on
set $(1) verbose   on

flags $(1) cvn-gc              founder
flags $(1) $chanacs:#cvn-staff staff

Topic See the suggestion for the topic above this table.
ban (+b) $j:#cvn-bans


The above is more a default than a requirement for channel setup. Though exceptions can be made, the following is required:

  • The default access templates listed above must be present and unaltered
    (there can be additional templates, but the default ones may not be changed or removed)
  • cvn-gc account must have founder rights
  • staff members have staff and senior_staff rights respectively.

If a channel is configured differently, the Freenode group contacts for the CVN may take control of any channel channel in the #cvn-* namespace to fix the configuration to match these requirements.

If you need any help setting up a channel or to make modifications feel free to contact staff in #countervandalismconnect.

NickServ settings[edit]

These are the intended NickServ settings for new and existing bot accounts. See also Nick management.

  • Username: "CVN-Bots<number>"
  • Password: Auto-generated password of at least 42 characters.
  • E-mail address: "cvn.bots<number>".
  • Flags: Enforce=On, HideMail=On.