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Initial Meetups and Major Off-Wiki Urdu Wikimedia Events in India[edit]

  • The first Urdu Wikipedia Education Programme was carried out with the participation of a small group of students from Christ University, Bangalore in 2013-14 along with students who participated on other language Wikipedias such as Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit and Tamil Wikipedias.
  • The first Urdu Wikipedia Workshop in India was held at Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad in March 2014.
  • The first Urdu Wikipedia Community Skype call was held in May 2014 with the participation of both Indian and Pakistani Wikimedians.
  • The first face-to-face meeting of Urdu Wikimedians took place in October 2014. It was observed during the interactions that in India about 450 newspapers and magazines are being published in Urdu language. And it is an amazing fact that many of the Urdu newspapers are using the Wikipedia as their source material from English Wikipedia as it has a large and authentic content, but they are not aware about the need to enrich Urdu Wikipedia. It should be known that everyone can edit, resource and enrich it. Hence it is decided to start a user group for Urdu Wikipedia India and to bring the same message to the masses.
  • A promotional camp and Workshop of Urdu Wikipedia was held in December 2014 at Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Urdu Wikipedia was a special focus of attention during the two day seminar on Urdu Literature at the Sri Sankaracharya Sanskrit University in March 2015.

2019 Events[edit]

Date Event Related Links
July 2019 First Meetup of Dehalvi Wikimedia User Group Members Hyderabad Meetup.

Featured blogs related to Urdu Wikimedians from India[edit]

Blog details Date of Posting the Featured Blog
Indic projects depend on each other: Ahmed Nisar (WMF Blog) October 2015
Wikimedia India Featured Urdu Wikimedian Kak Cenjary Ataullah Khan (DrCenjary) February 2017
Wikimedia India Featured Urdu Wikimedian Muhammad Shuaib October 2017