Developing Digital Open Knowledge Resources in the Indian Languages

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  • CILHE (TISS Mumbai)
  • ACWS (TISS Mumbai)
  • CIS-A2K (Bangalore)

Date & Location[edit]

November 26-27, 2015
Main Campus, TISS, Mumbai

Concept Note[edit]

The digital domain is becoming increasingly significant as a knowledge repository today. Especially relevant in this context is the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which contains information on almost every topic under the sun and is used extensively by students. The fact that information from the Wikipedia is even used as a starting point of academic writing necessitates thinking about how this information is organized, or in other words, how we conceptualize Wikipedia as a knowledge resource. In the multilingual Indian context, generation of content in the Indian languages is a logical next step. It is with the intention of strengthening this knowledge network in the social sciences, that the Centre for Indian Languages in Higher Education (CILHE) conducts content generation workshops with university students across the country. The broad mandate of the digital resource generation workshop is to introduce university students to tools of collaborative knowledge production on the internet and methods for generating new online content in Indian languages.

In the proposed workshop on November 26-27, 2015, we will be working with students who are in the process of writing their MA dissertation. Since this process involves a close reading of academic texts, we propose to introduce them to the basics of annotation, both descriptive and critical. Along with this, we will engage the students in exercises that will enable them to them about concepts in an encyclopedic manner. The major activity in this workshop will be the generation on content relevant to the social sciences on the Indian Language (IL) Wikipedias. The participants will be taught the basics of Wikipedia editing and will become active as knowledge producers in the digital domain.

Project Aim[edit]

  • Facilitate students to think critically about concepts and their associations
  • Involve students as active editors on the IL Wikipedias
  • Utilize Wikipedia as a platform to generate IL annotations of academic texts in Women's Studies and the Social Sciences

We hope to also engage the students in annotating one key women's studies text (each) through follow up workshops and credit them as contributors to our Annotated Bibliography project.


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