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ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/Agus Damanik

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ESEAP Conference 2022 Report from Agus Damanik[edit]

Things learned at the conference[edit]

  • Gaining so much insight and knowledge from various countries from other regions.
  • The feeling that we have faced the same kind of problem of volunteer retention and how they face and manage the problems.
  • There is so little people who know about Wikisource and it's a shocking fact for me

Things the participant contributed or participated in the conference[edit]

  • Doing some kind of help with proofreading in the Wikisource workshop and also proofreading
  • I do share about how The Used of Social Media on our education of Indonesian Wikisource in the session of Lightning Talk Education and a few question especially from Satdeep about the impacts.

Plans after the conference (from what was learned or contributed in the conference)[edit]

  • As part of the ESEAP Wikimania Core Organizing Team, i will try to implement what i learn from the conference to our event in Singapore later.
  • I will try to promote wikisource more than before.
  • Keep informing my community's member about what happen in ESEAP hub

Comments/ suggestions about the conference[edit]

  • All the event is fabulous and it will be unforgettable experience for me
  • I still haven't got my refund of the deposit from the accommodation till now.