ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/Samwilson

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Things learned at the conference[edit]

  • I spoke to a few people about their local meetups and how they organise them. It's really inspiring to hear about what's going on around the region, and makes me want to try more things locally.
  • The high number of languages that are used within the region, as well as the (sometimes problematic) importance of English when communicating between different communities.

Things participated in or contributed to at the conference[edit]

  • Gave a short presentation about some of the work needed to get Wikisource and Commons works indexed in the Australian National Library's Trove catalogue.
  • Participated in a Commons photowalk in the area around the hotel.
  • Helped with proofreading in the Wikisource workshop (during the conference the whole 149-page work was proofread).

Plans after the conference[edit]

  • Keep working on Tove indexing.
  • Write up more of my notes from people's presentations etc.

Comments/ suggestions about the conference[edit]

  • Having an outside (sheltered) area for breaks was terrific because the acoustics were so much better out there (not to mention the reduced risk of Covid).