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ESEAP Conference 2022/Submissions/Indexing Australian content in Trove

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Indexing Australian content in Trove[edit]


When searching The Australian National Library's Trove database, it should be possible to see results that include written works from Wikisource; photos, maps, and other files from Commons; and other content from the Wikimedia projects. To do this we need to make our metadata available in the right way and then get Trove to start indexing it. This short talk will look at what is required to get this happening. We will define some of the next stages in this project, and look at questions such as:

  • What defines "Australian" content? (In terms that the Wikidata Query Service can understand, or other machine-readable ways.)
  • How should we handle Commons files where there are multiple for a single item (e.g. cropped photos)?
  • How hard is it to determine a last-modified date of a Wikidata item (given related item changes can change the exported metadata)?
  • Can WMAU help build a OAI-PMH API endpoint?
  • Items ingested to Trove end up with a Trove work ID; how should this be written back to the relevant places on the wikis?

Relationship to ESEAP or to the theme[edit]

Wikidata is already such an amazing hub for identifiers in other databases, and Trove is already the go-to place for Australian GLAM metadata. Joining the two (and other Wikimedia sites) is just another step along these paths, and will expose Wikimedia content to a wider audience both within Australia and globally.

This project will also hopefully further build connections between WMAU and the NLA.

Speaker name[edit]

Sam Wilson (User:Samwilson)

Session type[edit]

Lightning talk.

Time length[edit]

5 mins.

Session outcomes[edit]

After this session, participants should

  • be aware of what types of content we can syndicate to Trove;
  • understand some of the issues with getting this working; and
  • know where this project is being documented and how to get involved.