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ESEAP Preparatory Council voting reminder, clarification, and update for community and individual seats[edit]

Dear ESEAP Wikimedians,

This is a reminder, clarification, and update to the voting of ESEAP Preparatory Council's community seats and individual seats.

Community Seats:

  • It is important to note that individual votes are not accepted in this category, only votes casted on behalf of an ESEAP community are accepted. The votes for Community seats are exclusive to the ESEAP-verified Communities themselves.
  • Votes representing Wikimedia projects must be cast by an admin of the Wikimedia project, with a link to the discussion within the project.
  • Other votes representing communities must be casted by a leading member of the community, with a link to the discussion within the community.
  • Votes that does not meet the community seat's voting guidelines will be stricken out and not counted.
  • To learn more about the community process, please refer to the voting guidelines on this meta page.
  • Considering that there seem to be some misunderstandings of this voting category, the voting for the community seats will be extended and will end at .

Individual Seats:

The final results of all seats will be announced by 10th September 2023. We strongly encourage your participation in this voting process. If you have any questions, please leave a message on the talk page.

Best Regards,

Process Oversight Sub-Committee