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ESEAP Virtual General Meeting # 4

December 12, 2020 (Saturday) 07:00 UTC - 08:45 UTC
Moderator: Butch



  1. Amir Aharoni, Languages Team WMF & Volunteer, Language Committee
  2. Kaarel Vaidla, Movement Strategy Process Architect
  3. Liam Wyatt, WikiCite Project
  4. Jan Wohlgemuth, Language Committee
  5. Tanveer Hasan, Community Resources Team
  6. Sakti Pramudya, Partnerships, Southeast Asia
  7. Richard (US)
  8. Butch
  9. Gnangarra
  10. Jojit
  11. Vanj
  12. Irvin
  13. Alex
  14. William
  15. Johnny
  16. Anthony
  17. Pru
  18. Biyanto
  19. Hillun
  20. Ramzy
  21. Bel
  22. Imelda
  23. Gu
  24. Taufik
  25. Nor Arifah
  26. Wafiq
  27. Zaw


Language inclusion[edit]

This will allow a dialogue between ESEAP stakeholders with the Wikimedia Language Committee, WMF Language Engineering, WikiCite most of whom are based west of the ESEAP zone to discuss the following matters.

Projects in incubator[edit]

  • Gnangarra outlined several issues for the Noongarpedia project and speakers of Nyungar
  • Anthony spoke of Wiktionary Bikol (Requests for new languages/Wiktionary Bikol)
  • Amirs guide -
  • How many translation (percentage) need to comply in the translatewiki, to decide whether a language edition is ready for the approval
    • No percentage. It’s based more on continuous activity on translate-wiki
  • Irvin: Inconsistency in requirements, meet them, then they get changed
  • machine translator on wmf, they provide Bicol Central translation.
  • Small to medium scale ESEAP language wikis (including those with little or no activity, or no local administrator activity)
  • Ongoing efforts to improve the process, with domain being earlier in the steps also
    • A talk about suggestions to improve the Incubator technology:
    • Technical description of the proposal:
    • The different parts of the community agree to this proposal: Language committee, Small Wiki Monitoring Team (SWMT), Incubator administrators. It needs engineers who are experts in Wikimedia server configuration to implement it (mostly the Release Engineering and Site Reliability teams in the WMF, but there are also other people who could do it).
  • Strategic recommendation intiative #14 is closely connected to the requests to improve the Incubator (the “new language versions” part.
    • Full text from the recommendation: a) Tools to connect cross-project and cross-language functionalities to provide an enhanced experience of the knowledge contained in the Wikimedia ecosystem for a particular interest, informational need, or inquiry.
    • b) Clear pathways for advancing new wiki proposals (including new language versions) and for reusing community-developed software features on them.

Technical challenges[edit]

  • obtaining sources, importing/ exporting citations/ references from one project to another, human resource
  • Knowledge in the object kind of object, partnership and program that is happening…
  • Oldest museum in NZ WIR(WikiData) funded by Wikicite grant digitization and connect of their natural collections, Indigenous, Military...goal of building reference information.
  • Alex Lum from WMAu working on improving the quality of the code in en.wp relating to citation templates and languager to better incorporate journals
  • Tanveer: Grants to support emerging communities, grant applications opening very soon, rapid grants always open,
  • Try connecting to an APG organisation
  • Grant ideas
  • Community capacity building
  • Amir: 1 of the 45 SI that will be very helpful #14 - as discussed earlier

Movement Strategy[edit]

Q: how can we bring these initiatives forward off the back burner to support ESEAP? A (Karel):

  • Reports for recent discussion due shortly, what is important to support globally… Jan / Feb 2021 further development.
  • Several discussion on hub, governance
  • Funding for initiatives to support under represented groups
  • Skill development
  • regional & more local level can take some of this on - smaller scale
  • Prioritization doesn’t excluded other efforts on SI topics, even regional, local pilots, learning and skill sharing experiences to better develop these globally priorities
  • Bring forward ideas from ESEAP of what we see can be developed...impact to staying true to knowledge equity there is a case. It all comes down to energy to drive SI and it can get support.
  • Build regional teams through ESEAP to discuss, find solutions, and drive ways forward
  • Next step, with regional coordination, funding hub, creating hub, development how can we do this… even before global council. No definition, just some principles, what is it's function, how can it help, knowledge available, developing revenue generation. What added value can be brought to the hub… what can be returned to wider movement, similar for thematic hubs function, value, need, in a position to try out different formats, not sensible to make multiple hubs creating the same wheel. Where funding can come from -- WMF or Affiliates… need to fund well, innovation takes human resources. Wait and see what can be done. Share experiences.
  • Talk how to get started
  • Perhaps form an interim core to go now
  • Points of cooperation, partnerships within ESEAP community and of relevant partners.

Wikipedia 20[edit]

  • Series of events, & Thematic topics
  • Series of broadcasts
  • Move virtual events
  • WMAU thinking virtual meeting, happy to join a ESEAP regional meeting
  • Social media blitz
  • Pre-recorded talk, greetings, thank you etc.
  • Wikipedia weekly YouTube channel to broadcast these message has a good audience, borrow for an existing event like WW channel means you can broadcast 1 video live into multiple places yt, twitter, fb, simultaneously more convenient
  • Ph having a quiz show for teachers focus on bikol language and culture, in person celebration to attract new members. Adhering to protocols
  • Wikiconcert, cultural events from each country.  
  • Asia Pacific Anchored Event: