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For related legacy proposals, see Wikicite and WikiScholar.

WikiCite 2016 is an event focused on data models and technology to improve the coverage, quality, standards-compliance and machine-readability of citations and source metadata in Wikipedia, Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects.


There is currently a lot of momentum around citation and source metadata in the movement, at the Wikimedia Foundation and across a number of movement partners and scholarly organizations. Existing efforts (such as the Wikipedia Library) have focused primarily on outreach-related or programmatic activities, and efforts focused on infrastructure in Wikimedia projects (like WikiProject Source Metadata and WikiProject Open Access) have not been strategically aligned across all parties involved. Meanwhile, Wikidata is seeing a growing number of new tools and experiments focused on improving sourcing. We believe the time is ripe for aligning and innovating around the major efforts to build the necessary infrastructure, data models, automated tools and user interfaces to support high quality sourcing of free knowledge. You can read a summary of the state of these initiatives here.

The event[edit]

We'll bring together developers, researchers, wikidatans, scholarly and publishing organizations for a 2-day event to be held in Berlin between the second half of May and the first half of June (exact dates to be confirmed). This will be a hands-on event primarily focused on building and less on outreach and formal presentations. More information will follow on this page.





Organizing committee[edit]

  • Dario Taraborelli
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Jonathan Dugan



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