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WikiCite 2018 is a 3-day conference, summit and hack day. The dates and location of the event are still to be confirmed. WikiCite '18 expands efforts started with WikiCite 2016 and WikiCite 2017 to design a central bibliographic repository, as well as tools and strategies to improve information quality and verifiability in Wikimedia projects. We are bringing together Wikimedia contributors, data modelers, information and library science experts, software engineers, designers and academic researchers who have experience working with Wikipedia's citations and bibliographic data.


Day 0
Travel day
Day 1
Day 1. (Conference) – present progress on existing work and initiatives for citations and bibliographic data across Wikimedia projects
Day 2
Day 2. (Summit) – discuss technical, social, outreach and policy directions
Day 3
Day 3. (Hack) – get together to build, based on new ideas and applications
Day 4
Travel day, attendees leave


The list of attendees will be made public closer to the event taking place.


The list of organizations and projects WikiCite 2018 participants are affiliated with will be made public closer to the event taking place.

Attending the event[edit]

WikiCite is a hands-on event. These are examples of skills we looked for:

  • I am a regular Wikipedia contributor
  • I have contributed data, data models, or new property proposals to Wikidata
  • I am a regular contributor to other Wikimedia projects
  • I write code and web applications
  • I have experience with SPARQL
  • I have experience writing bots / automated agents
  • I have experience writing text and markup parsers
  • I have worked with tools and applications for citations
  • I have written tools to extract or analyze citations
  • I have translated technical documentation
  • I have experience visualizing data
  • I have experience with bibliographic / citation standards and data models
  • I work for an organization that will directly benefit from these efforts

These are examples of contributions we expected from participants:

  • defining a technical roadmap / strategic directions for efforts focused on citations and source metadata
  • mapping Wikimedia source metadata and Wikidata properties to existing bibliographic data models
  • designing, product managing or developing tools/software
  • conducting research and data analysis on citation and bibliographic data in Wikimedia projects
  • performing user testing and/or writing documentation
  • review existing quality control mechanisms
  • organizing community outreach and engagement within Wikimedia communities

Important dates[edit]

The timeline for 2018 are yet to be defined.


The venue for 2018 is yet to be defined.


Past WikiCite events were supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Germany and Wikimedia Austria as well as the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative. Fundraising for the 2018 event is underway.

Organizing committee[edit]

  • Jonathan Dugan
  • Rachel Farrand
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Cameron Neylon
  • Lydia Pintscher
  • Sarah Rodlund
  • Elizabeth Seiver
  • Dario Taraborelli

You can contact the organizers via


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