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Hi. I'm Leila Zia, a senior research scientist in the Wikimedia Foundation. My research interests lie in the realm of machine learning and optimization. I'm interested in designing systems that can help Wikimedia Movement identify and signal missing content across Wikimedia projects and languages as well as designing algorithms that can help us identify those who are most interested to contribute towards the missing content.

Current projects[edit]

Past projects[edit]


2017-11-03: I gave an informal talk about my experience as a research scientist at WMF in ADA at EPFL. (Slides)

2017-08-11: A report on the ongoing analysis of the recent survey on Why We Read Wikipedia. (Abstract and link to slides)

2017-03-15: Presentation as part of CITRIS Research Exchange seminar series. (Slides, Video)

Conference reports[edit]

I've started experimenting with writing reports about the conferences I attend. If they're available, you can read them in the Trip reports page.