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Title: pioneering Wikidata-federated open bibliographic data[edit]

Abstract:[edit] is a non-profit libre/open source social network that lets its members keep an inventory of the books they want to give, share, or sell, and share this information with their friends, communities, and neighbours. To accomplish this mission, we use Wikidata bibliographic data, and extend it with data from our own collaboratively edited CC0-licensed database. To maximize interoperability, the data entries mimic Wikidata items and are structured following Wikidata WikiProject_Books and WikiCite recommendations. But while Wikidata data model are debated and subject to sometimes chaotic edits, data constraints in Inventaire are hard-coded: works and editions are rigorously separated, a work can't have an ISBN, etc. Users can thus edit the data relevant to their books of interest, while not necessary knowing about Wikidata, or FRBR-inspired bibliographic data models, being guided by a more constrained and simplified interface. Many features such as typed auto-completion, pre-filled item creation, multi-item edits, were developed to further ease data edition from book lovers. Dashboards to easily edit multiple items from a same author or series are on the way. With those features and the recently added possibility to import items from Inventaire to Wikidata, in addition to bringing book lovers to contribute to Wikidata, we expect to see more and more Wikidata contributors use Inventaire specialized interface as an enhanced proxy to edit bibliographic data on Wikidata.


Maxime Lathuilière is the creator of the Wikidata-powered book sharing social network and Wikidata-centered linked open bibliographic database He is also the author of several tools in Javascript to work with Wikidata, for which he got a project grant by the Wikimedia Foundation, and of the Wikidata Hub.