WikiCite 2018/Program/Day 3/Documentation

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All three of the hacking time blocks during Day 3 come with a 5-min slot dedicated to documentation. During these 5 minutes, we expect everyone to document whatever it was that they were doing during this time block. The purpose of this documentation is multifold, e.g. to facilitate

  • follow-up by those engaged in the activity
  • engagement with the topic by others (e.g. people participating in other groups during the day, remote participants, or people who arrive there through search engines)
  • reporting about the event
  • planning and coordinating further WikiCite activities

This does not mean that documentation outside these 5-min slots would not be welcome - to the contrary!

The precise location of your documentation should be where it makes most sense for the activities that you are engaged in, but there should be a link to that URL from your group's entry in the Day 3 schedule.