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Title: LD4P and WikiCite: Opportunities for collaboration[edit]


For decades, libraries have used the MARC format to create and share the bibliographic and authority records that enable discovery and management of books and other resources in library settings. Libraries are now transitioning to linked data, which promises to connect library metadata with other structured data on the web, and to open up new avenues of discovery.

The Linked Data for Production (LD4P) project (led by Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, and the University Iowa, in cooperation with the Program for Cooperative Cataloging and the Library of Congress) serves as a testbed for the tools, standards, and workflows required to produce linked data in libraries and to take full advantage of the data for discovery. Wikidata offers exciting possibilities for seamless entity creation and linking during data production, and for richer and more powerful discovery experiences.

We are developing a cloud-based cataloging environment for libraries to cooperatively create linked data, using the BIBFRAME ontology and related ontologies and vocabularies. In this environment, known as Sinopia, we are integrating Wikidata into the entity lookup and linking process alongside lookups to traditional library authorities.

In our presentation we will demonstrate Sinopia workflows using Wikidata, and discuss our plans to work with a Wikimedian-in-Residence to guide our exploration of questions including:

  • What information do libraries have that’s lacking in Wikidata?
  • What can libraries and Wikidata learn from each other about entity and property creation and proposal processes?
  • What library data is best managed in Wikidata and what should be managed in the library world?
  • Does “local” information managed by libraries meet Wikidata’s notability requirements?
  • What policies and conventions do libraries need to do Wikidata work?

Finally we will present questions to frame a discussion on how libraries and WikiCite can work together on our common aim of creating a repository of structured bibliographic data.



Christine Fernsebner Eslao is Metadata Technologies Program Manager at Harvard Library Information and Technical Services. Pronouns: she/her.

Christine Fernsebner Eslao in November 2018

Michelle Futornick is the Linked Data for Production (LD4P) Program Manager at Stanford University.