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EU lobby

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Legislation lobby discussion at Wikimania 2009

This page intends to give an overview of some of the information available about the lobby on European legislation and policies.

Meeting, July 2009, Brussels

  • What: A dedicated meeting for chapters about EU legislation and policy lobbying
  • When: mid July
  • Where: Brussels, exact location will follow
  • Who: Chapter representatives who are the relevant board member on this topic for chapters are interested and able to contribute
  • More information: (internal) http://internal.wikimedia.org/wiki/EU_lobby_meeting/Brussels_July_2009

Wikimania, August 2009, Buenos Aires


Some suggested areas by the participants (but no conclusions, only brain storm!):

  • Reproductions of 2D works --> should make sure that the law/regulations are very clear that this is not a new work
  • Database rights
  • Software patents
  • Copyright on Government works / publicly funded works
  • Shorten duration of copyright
  • Staten purpose for copyright and limit to that (art, sciences, creativity, innovation)
  • Impact on collection societies when works are freely licensed (surtax, restrictions on their members)
  • Orphan works (when the copyright owner cannot be identified)
  • Raising threshold for the required added creativity to have copyright
  • Panoramafreiheit
  • Principle of the applying the most flexible law within the EU
  • Exceptions to circumvent rules (disability-DRM, archives etc)
  • Public sector information
  • Commissioning studies of copyright impact

(please note that this does not include any prioritization yet)

2012 - present


See: EU policy

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