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Education/News/August 2022/Wiki For Senior Citizens

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Wiki For Senior Citizens

Author: Oby Ezeilo

Summary: Use of Wikipedia for National Development: The Nigerian Senior Citizens perspective

A photo album of the participants and facilitators at the Wiki For Senior Citizens, Abuja Nigeria 2022. At Nigerian Copyright Commission Training School, Abuja Nigeria.
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As one of the facilitators of this project, I realize that this group of people has a lot to benefit from Wikipedia as well as offer open Knowledge. Aside from encouraging them to acquaint themselves with the use of Information Technology tools, such as WIKIPEDIA, to improve their knowledge, it will help deal with their everyday dynamics, ranging from exchange of information, fact-checking, problem-solving, and national development.

"The two months ongoing training is just for senior citizens or those within the age of 55years and above, who have retired from service and live in Abuja. The knowledge they say is a continuous thing, with Wikipedia they can update their knowledge about new technology innovations, access different information, and improve their digital literacy skills using their android phones or Laptop. They can keep their minds busy all the time, quickly do a finding, and contribute to problem-solving to develop the global community."

Some of the Senior Citizens, Mrs. Uzoamaka Ezeilo and Mrs. Rose Ettah among others expressed satisfaction with the training. They were happy to participate in the training, In their own words, they said:

... people usually think that when one is retired then it is over, No, you can still learn new things and be relevant to the society.

For some, the training came at the right moment, for it will give them ample opportunity to be busy, informative and contribute to the development of the society. The Wikidata training exposed them to how to source data from different reliable sources and input these data on the Wikidata site. The four key ideas to always bear in mind when editing Wikidata (ITEM, STATEMENT, PROPERTY, AND VALUE). They thanked Wikipedia for giving them this opportunity. There were a Questions and Answer section. Furthermore, The session ended with an opportunity for participants to network among themselves. They are eagerly looking forward to the next Meet up.