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Career Education through Wikipedia

Author: Vyolltsa
Summary: Career Education through Wikipedia in Albania
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Working closely with high school students and teachers, Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group had the opportunity to develop and create a session plan about career education through Wikipedia articles. This project helped students get as much information as they could about their career, education, and life decisions through education and career articles on Wikipedia.

With the support of the Kostandin Kristoforidhi High School in Elbasan, we organized two training sessions, each of them lasting one hour, on how to contrast and compare information from different websites and Wikimedia platforms about career education and occupations. In addition, we aligned Wikipedia and its sister projects with developing the career selection process before they graduate from high school.

Through sessions, we tried to identify at least three career paths based on their personality, strengths, and interest and close knowledge gaps related to career guidance; therefore, students had more Wikipedia references to guide them.

In the final session, all the students made at least one contribution to Albanian Wikipedia. Furthermore, they shared 2-3 new things they learned about the identified career paths through editing Wikipedia, whether they still think those are the right paths for them, and why.

We are currently working on other lesson plans for the next academic school year 2022-2023. Below are some pictures we would like to share with you from both sessions.