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We started our wiki-related initiatives with the project called Wikiakademia Shqiptare (WikiAcademy Albania) in 2014. Our goal was to solve the main problem of Wikipedia in Albanian: to grow the community, so that we improve the quality and quantity of the content in Albanian Wikipedia and multimedia material about Albania together.

With this in mind, we started a tour in different cities of Albanian and in Tetova Macedonia mainly in schools and universities where we presented the importance of a project like Wikipedia for the local communities. We had very positive feedback from the youngsters, although the teachers were somehow sceptic towards Wikipedia as a point of reference for knowledge. The tour continued for 3 months until we stopped for financial reasons and limited time due to personal work engagements.

Inspired by the positive feedback we continued the workshops and presentations at our local hackerspace in Tirana, Albania. Since WikiAkademia was part of Open Labs the first hackerspace in Albania, which promotes free libre open source technologies, we continued promoting Wikipedia related projects there through a series of meetups called WikiCaffee.


  • continuation of Wiki Loves Monuments;
  • To organize Wikipedia edit-a-thons in Albanian speaking schools;
  • monthly events with active Wikipedians;
  • establishment of the community through Wikipedia Weekend yearly conference;
  • active presence at yearly regional free libre open source conferences like OSCAL and Software Freedom Kosova.
  • events about diversity to improve the content about diversity in sq wikipedia





Group photo at Wiki Academy Kosovo

To be done[edit]

  • Wikiwomen event in collaboration with Sweden Embassy -- 08 March 2018
  • Wikidata 6th anniversary -- 28 October 2018
  • CEE SPRING 2018


  • Wikidataː How to start editing (February 2017)
  • CEE spring competition ( February-March 2017)
  • Infoobooth at OSCAL 2016 ( May 2017)
  • Wikimedia diversity edit a thon (November 2017)


Wikipedia Weekend One of the flagship events of our community was Wikipedia Weekend in Tirana organized in November 2014. A two-day event with speakers, talks and workshops from Wikimedia Serbia, Kosova, The United States and Albania. The purpose of this event was to gather all wikimedians from Albania and Kosovo in the same place. Another goal of the activity was also the follow up with all the participants that were part of the tour that Wikiakademia did before. In the mean time we participated for the first time at Wiki Loves Monuments a worldwide competition in collaboration with FLOSS, and the Ministry of Culture of Albania and Kosova. On December 2014 we presented our community at CEE meeting, a Wikimedia event that took place in Kiev. WikiAcademy Kukës was another big event organized by IPKO foundation in collaboration with Open Labs and wikipedians from Kosova and Albania. The event was organized in 3 cities of Albania with around 120 pupils participating actively for three months before meeting altogether in a weekend competition with the articles that they edited for 3 months. During the weekend mentors and active users (including us) helped the pupils to finish and publish the articles.


Wikiacademy Tour

  • Decemeber - March 2014.
    • Citiesː Tetova, Elbasan, Durres, Tirana.
  • April 2015
    • Kukës


Wiki Women Camp in Aprill of 2015. It was organized in Prishtina, Kosova and included participants from Serbia, Kosova and Albania. The whole event focused on gender gap issues on Wikipedia with 8 participants from each country, who edited articles from notable females from each country. Open Source Conference Albania OSCAL2015 was the last event where our community participated. We had a infobooth, invited Wikipedia Albania administrator to talk there and hosted an open discussion about better collaboration about the regional Albanian speaking communities.


15 years Wikipedia
We celebrate the 15th birthday of Wikipedia with an editathon about Albanian history and archaeology. Starting at 16ː00 the volunteers of our user group will write about Albanian history and archaeology. The event will be hosted at Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana (Albania). We will be focus mainly on creating new articles: Details:


  • 11/05/2014ː Markup Language of Wikipedia (part of OSCAL2014)
  • 16/06/2014: Translation of MediaWiki Workshop #0
  • 22/06/2014: Workshop – Editing content and infobox-images on Wikipedia Albania
  • 10/07/2014: Translation of MediaWiki, Workshop #1
  • 15/072014ː Wiki Love Monuments
  • 20/08/2014ː Helping newbies to go on
  • 08/05/2015ː How to make sure your article will not be deleted.
  • 02/09/2015ː Take and upload good pictures for WLM 2015

Contact information[edit]

  • Users email
    • Denisa Ruçaj: d.rucaj[at]
    • Greta Doçiː gretadoci[at]
    • Viola Civiciː violacivici [at]
    • Arianit:

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