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Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group

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Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group
Logo of WoALUG
LocationAlbania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro
Country codeALB, XKS, MKD, SRB, MNE
Legal statusvoluntary and non-profit organization/informal user group
Approval dateJuly 17, 2015
Official language(s)Albanian
Other language(s)English
Key peopleMargott, Arianit, Liridon
BudgetAnnual grant
AffiliationsWikimedia Foundation
E-mail addressinfo@wikimediashqip.org
Mailing listwikipedia-sq

Welcome to the Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group! We're a community-driven initiative focused on enhancing Albanian Wikipedia's content. Our mission is to elevate both the quantity and quality of articles and multimedia materials. We achieve this through a range of activities including training sessions, workshops, online/offline competitions, and exciting collaborations with GLAM institutions across the Balkans. Together, we're dedicated to enriching the digital landscape for Albanian speakers everywhere. Join us in this endeavor!



We are working in the following programs:

Education Program

  • establish partner relations with educational institutions;
  • enhance support material on editing on Wikimedia projects;
  • inclusion of students on Wikimedia projects;
  • increase content on Wikimedia projects (especially Wikipedia and Commons);
  • inclusion of teachers in Wikimedia projects;


  • establish relations with GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive, Museums) institutions;
  • make GLAM institutions aware of Wikimedia projects as a tool that supports their mission;
  • enrich Wikipedia with new content;

Open activities and outreach

  • increase the number of free photos related to cultural and natural monuments of Kosovo and Albania on Wikimedia Commons;
  • increase the number of articles related to these monuments on Wikipedia;
  • promote Wikimedia’s mission and awareness of its projects among Albanian speakers;
  • promote the free knowledge concept;
  • attract new volunteers and community members;
  • collaborate with UGs in the CEE region;







For a comprehensive overview of our activities, please visit this page.

Additionally, you can delve deeper into our progress through the following annual reports and the plan for the actual year:

  1. 2015–2016
  2. 2016–2017
  3. 2017–2018
  4. 2019
  5. 2020
  6. 2021
  7. 2022
  8. 2023 (plan)

People involved






Staffing plan


Since January 2021 we have two Project Managers employed, one covering Kosovo and one Albania.

To implement the program, the Project Manager's duties and responsibilities are:

  • Identify and coordinate activities, timeline, and budget to execute within program’s grant application;
  • Network, research and reach institutions, organizations and individuals to create further collaborations and partnerships;
  • Manage activities, allocate resources, coordinate and organize duties and tasks within the timeframe;
  • Organize events and other promotional activities;
  • Develop and implement a communication plan for the User Group;
  • Send press-releases, reach out to media and manage social media marketing to promote events, user group and the free knowledge concept of Wikipedia;
  • Develop and monitor user group’s reports, proposals, presentations, and other documentation;
  • Administer the budget, by executing, monitoring and recording expenditures;

Becoming a Member


Joining our User Group is a simple and rewarding process.

Steps to Become a Member:

Express Interest

Reach out to us expressing your interest in becoming a member. You can do this via email or by attending one of our events.

Attend an Event

Attend a physical meeting or event hosted by our group. This is an opportunity to meet current members and get a sense of our community.

Active Involvement

Actively participate in our activities and contribute to Wikimedia projects related to Albania/Kosova.


Register as a member of our User Group by signing yourself members.




Anyone can join our user group, even those who don’t have an account on a Wikimedia project. New users are not only welcome but also encouraged to take part in our events and outreach activities as members on a trial basis. However, to participate as a full member in WOALUG, and to be able to use our funds you should:

  • Have physically attended one of our user group meetings in various cities/places in Albania/Kosovo or met a user group member in person;
  • Actively engage in projects in Albania/Kosovo, participating in events, presentations, workshops, and supporting functional needs. Active participation is key, and not contributing may result in losing the ability to make decisions and access group resources;

Participation is not allowed if your positions or actions contradict the core values of WMF, create obstacles to WMF projects, or are in bad faith within the User Group.

If you run a sponsored project, you must send all the invoices on time according to the expenses you asked in advance.

User Group Approval

Universal Code of Conduct


The Universal Code of Conduct serves as a guiding framework for behavior and collaboration across Wikimedia projects worldwide. It incorporates policies that respect local customs and cultures. This code applies to every Wikimedian, without exception, in both online and offline settings, including events hosted by our User Group.

Adherence to this code ensures a respectful and inclusive environment for all. Violations may lead to sanctions, administered by designated officials or the Wikimedia Foundation, the platform's legal custodian.

For a comprehensive understanding of our Code of Conduct, please refer to the full document. We've also translated it into Albanian for the convenience of our community members. Explore it see here.

Contact and social media


Contact Us

For inquiries and information about Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group, please feel free to reach out to us at info@wikimediashqip.org

Connect with Us

Stay updated on our latest activities and discussions related to Wikimedia projects:

Join our public Telegram channel (primarily in Albanian) to engage with our community. Follow us on Facebook page for updates and insights. Find us on Twitter for real-time news and event announcements. Discover more on Instagram for visual highlights of our work.

Don't miss out! Join the conversation and be part of our vibrant community.

Equipment use


Available Equipment

The User Group (UG) offers the following equipment:

  • Laptops
  • Portable Projector
  • Camera
  • Drone

Storage and Availability

All equipment is stored at two designated locations:

  1. Prishtina Hackerspace, Kosovo
  2. Elbasan, Tirana

Intended Use

This equipment is primarily designated for WoALUG activities, including edit-a-thons and other collaborative events.

Priority and Usage Rules

  • Priority will be given to planned activities organized by WoLAUG.
  • For equipment usage, the "first come, first served" principle will apply.
  • In case of disputes or conflicts regarding equipment allocation, the UG will make the final decision.