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Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group is a user group created by Albanian community of Wikimedia projects, who are interested to increase the quality and quantity of content and multimedia material in Albanian Wikipedia. We aim to do this through educational programs, workshops and edit-a-thons, running competitions online/offline, GLAM partnerships on regional level in territories of Balkans where Albanian language is spoken.

Background and history[edit]

We started our wiki-related initiatives with the project called Wikiakademia Shqiptare (WikiAcademy Albania) in 2014. Our goal was to solve the main problem of Wikipedia in Albanian: to grow the community, so that we improve the quality and quantity of the content in Albanian Wikipedia and multimedia material about Albania together.

With this in mind, we started a tour in different cities of Albanian and in Tetova Macedonia mainly in schools and universities where we presented the importance of a project like Wikipedia for the local communities. We had very positive feedback from the youngsters, although the teachers were somehow sceptic towards Wikipedia as a point of reference for knowledge. The tour continued for 3 months until we stopped for financial reasons and limited time due to personal work engagements.

Inspired by the positive feedback we continued the workshops and presentations at our local hackerspace in Tirana, Albania. Since WikiAkademia was part of Open Labs the first hackerspace in Albania, which promotes free libre open source technologies, we continued promoting Wikipedia related projects there through a series of meetups called WikiCaffee.


We are working in the following programs in July-December 2018 period and beyond.

Our annual grant approved for the first 6 months is hereː WoALUG semi-annual grant

Education Program[edit]

  • establish partner relations with educational institutions;
  • enhance support material on editing on Wikimedia projects
  • inclusion of students on Wikimedia projects;
  • increase number of content on Wikimedia projects (especially Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons);
  • inclusion of teachers in Wikimedia projects;


  • establish relations with GLAM institutions
  • make GLAM institutions aware of Wikimedia projects as a tool that supports their mission
  • enrich Wikipedia with new content;

Open activities and outreach[edit]

  • increase the number of free photos related to cultural and natural monuments of Kosovo and Albania on Wikimedia Commons;
  • increase the number of articles related to these monuments on Wikipedia;
  • promote Wikimedia’s mission and awareness of its projects among Albanian speakers;
  • promote the free knowledge concept;
  • attract new volunteers and community members.
  • collaborate with UGs in the CEE region


Continuation of projects like WikiProject LGBT and WikiGrate and its subprojects like WomenInRed.


We have worked to cover Wikidata content about Albanian language currently covering 42% in the last 12 months.


Please refer to this page for previous activities.

More can be also found at our annual reportsː

  1. 2015-2016
  2. 2016-2017
  3. 2017-2018


Please use members page to sign yourself as e member of our UG.

Contact and social media[edit]

Social media[edit]

  • We have created a public telegram channel hereː (language used mostly Albanian) if you want to join and discuss about Wikimedia projects related stuff. You dont need to be a member to be part of that channel.

If you want to see more about our activities you canː