Education/News/July 2022/EtnoWiki edit-a-thon in Poland

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Polish Wikipedia is enriched with new EtnoWiki content

Summary: The Polish-language Wikipedia has more new and extended articles about the region in the center of the country known as Kurpie
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The Polish-language Wikipedia has more articles about the region in the center of the country known as Kurpie. Although this is a vast area known to artists, ethnographers, folklorists, and tourists, the status of Wikipedia content and Wikimedia Commons resources is very poor on this subject. Therefore, continuing the idea and former activities of EtnoWiki projects (read in English here and here), Wikimedia Polska together with volunteers and local partners organized a two-day edit-a-thon in the village of Kadzidło. 'Wikipedia in the Kurpie region' was a two-day edit-a-thon in the village of Kadzidło. We spent time in the beautiful library and the magnificent Zagroda Kurpiowska open-air museum, we also had a walk around the area with a licensed guide, Małgorzata Makowska. The initiator and organizer of the whole action was a Wikipedian, and recently also a new member of the Wikimedia Polska Board, Maria Weronika Kmoch. Maria comes from the Kurpie region, archives the history of these lands and publishes books on this subject, run a blog, and also activates the local community to raise knowledge about the region. This is exactly what the Kurpie region needed! In addition, I who wrote these words has the EthnoWiki idea very deep in my heart (I have coordinated two large projects in this field), and Amudena Rutkowska (user:Amairra) was with us, too ― she is currently working at the National Institute of Heritage of Poland and is an active member of the Polish Ethnological Society. Those three people (Klara from Wikimedia Polska aka user Klara, Maria and Amudena) gave lectures and supported new Wikipedians for two days. Currently, over 20 people are working on articles and uploading photos (we already have over 500 files in Wikimedia Commons) ― the final results of the campaign will be summarized at the end of August.

Finally, an important thing that probably every Wikipedian knows: the edit-a-thon is not successful if there is no pizza ;) And so we had pizza, but also local dishes and drinks! Plus everyone got some Wiki-merch also, as well as gifts from the local partners. We really have such nice memories and we are hoping to come back!