Education/News/June 2022/Wiki Trip with Vasil Kamami Wikiclub to Berat, the town of one thousand windows

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Wiki Trip with Vasil Kamami Wikiclub to Berat, the town of one thousand windows

Author: Vyolltsa

Summary: With the beginning of the academic school year 2021-2022, Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group celebrated the Sq Wikipedia Birthday with the Vasil Kamami High School students in Elbasan.

Sesion trajnimi me nxenesit e Wikiclubit 'Vasil Kamami'.jpg
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Since then, we have developed online and offline training sessions and created a Wikiclub group on WhatsApp to assist them on how to add citations and pictures, create new articles, and upload photos on Wikimedia Commons.

During this time, students discussed how much they benefited from using Wikipedia in different aspects. For example, it helped them be able to evaluate the information on various websites and pages online, improved their communicative skills, developed their soft and transferable skills, and so on.

Also, we organized a Wiki trip with the students to Berat, an old town in south-central Albania. It lasted one day, and all the students took pictures of the castle and the old part of Berat. This trip also served to learn how to be part of the group work, and become culturally and socially aware.

See here the statistics of the articles that Vasil Kamami Wikiclub has created and improved thus far.

Here is a video of students speaking about their impressions and the benefits they gained from using Wikipedia and its sister projects in class.

We are also sharing the photos students uploaded after the Wiki trip back in April. We hope you enjoy the pictures here.