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Education projects in the Land of Valencia


Summary: Since the begining of 2021, the Wikimedians in the Land of Valencia have made an effort to implement different educational projects in the region.

Since the beginning of 2021, the Wikimedians in the Land of Valencia have made an effort to implement different educational projects in the region.

In order to meet our goals, we used a multi-linear approach. In the first instance, implemented during the first half of the year, we designed two workshops for professors at the University of Valencia and school teachers for the Public Education System. Our aim was to convince them to use Wikipedia in their curricula. Of course, during the first instance, we wouldn't be able to actually use Wikipedia in a Classroom, but we were able to partner with some universities, mainly the University of Alicante, in our regular workshops and GLAM-activities program.

Our approach was fruitful and since September we have been able to start new university programs. In October, we started at the University of Valencia, with professor Eduardo España, and will continue in November with professor Melània Sánchez. In addition to that, our member and Movement Organizer Francesc Fort joined the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom program, and we are working on implementing it around the Land of Valencia. This initiative has also been shared with our friends from Aragon.

The GLAM-Education approach has been successful and it will be interesting to develop it a bit. Basically, it consists of partnering an existing GLAM partner with some educative Institution, working together in a program or activity interesting for both partners. As an example, it has been developed as part of the Espais Valorians project, consisting of a Wikitakes on spaces related to folk literature in the Land of Valencia. Organized by L'Etno, our main partner, will include an educative activity of article creation with the students of Catalan Language in the University of Alicante with our allied Joan Borja.

For our biggest GLAM partner, the Valencian Insitute of Modern Art, we will be live-editing in the Museum with the Art History students from the University of Valencia, in an innovative educative project. Lastly, we also developed the idea of school libraries as Wikipedia spots in educative activities during last School libraries workday by the Education Ministry in the Land of Valencia.

Being this a new line of work developed by people who aren't staff of any affiliate, so far our results aren't spectacular, yet promising. At the moment, our idea and way of implementing it have proved successful and we hope that our next update will show everyone how fruitful it has been.

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