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alex756 en[edit]

-Konfirmita.--BradPatrick 03:19, 29-a de Aŭgusto 2006 (UTC)

Uzula nomo alex756
Vera nomo Alex T. Roshuk, Esq.
Loĝloko Brooklyn, New York, Usono
Aĝo 50
Uzula(j) paĝo(j) meta en
Partoprenante en Wikimedia de Aprilo 2003
Projektoj en kiuj mi partoprenas Precipe anglalingva Vikipedio, mi partoprenis en pluraj aliaj projektoj, sed laste estis minimume.
Lingvoj en kiuj mi partoprenas Angla, Franca (okaze), iom da Rusa (anonime)
Ligiloj al miaj kontribuaĵoj en fr meta
Mia kandidatiĝo Legu alilingve : en (originale), ja

Please view my user page on meta to see my biography.

My primary reason for running to be a Trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation is because of my firm belief that the organization is in need of individuals who understand the governance role of trustees and well as understanding something of the Wikipedia phenomenon. In my opinion a board member should not be someone who wants to be a super editor, an adminstrator/bureaucrat/steward to manage, change or implement any policies or direct any movements within Wikimedia projects, board members should be independent of such activities. These various projects must remain independent of board intervention except in the most serious of breakdowns, though at the same time more participants need to work in the various committees, chapters, group activities and affiliate associations that make the Wikimedia communities so vital; and all these groupings need to find various ways to develop avenues of input to the board. We see communities because one do not see just one Wikipedia but a diversity of activities, peoples, groupings and social structures - along all kinds of divisions (not just linguistic). These associations and structures within the broad framework that has developed since the inception of the English Wikipedia in January 2001 are our strength. Pluralism and diversity must be continually encouraged if our variously intertwined communities are to grow, flourish and reach a long term stability; I pledge to stand for such diversity.

My experience in the creative arts, technology, law and volunteerism gives me a good mix of skills to help other members of the board to discover the future of the Wikimedia Foundation as the legal entity that continues to nourish and support the various projects that have developed while also fostering future projects. A knowledge of not-for-profit governance and the difficulties that face organizations that deal with creative constituencies is a useful background for such a phenomenal organization. If called to serve my wish is to remain open to all volunteers as a liaison to the board – to help communicate the various opinions of members from various projects to the board to help other board members better understand the diversity of opinion that have made the Wikimedia projects so successful to date, but not to function as some supermember to deal with all kinds of project-internal issues.

As a dual citizen (U.S. and Canada and originally trained in law in Canada, but practicing in the United States) I am not only aware of the American perspective that is necessary in an American not-for-profit organization, but of a more international approach to organizational behaviour that is necessary for the organization that Wikimedia is becoming. I firmly believe that thanks to the internet a new kind of transnational cultural pluralism is developing in our world today and such a movement should be further fostered in the developing public internet culture of which Wikipedia is already a strong component.

My hope is that a dialogue can develop on a governance level to further the goals of the organization, fundamentally I see this as an issue of freedom for individuals and for individuals associating into groups to further develop their liberties as contributors and users to one of the many Wikimedia projects that resonates with the goal of free access to knowledge for all peoples of the world.

Bonvolu lasi demandojn tie See my meta user talk page or alex756 at nyc (dot) rr (dot) com. Thank you and please vote.

Evrik en[edit]

Uzula nomo Evrik
Vera nomo Bruce Andersen
Bruce Andersen
Bruce Andersen
Loĝloko Filadelfio, Pensilvanio, Usono
Aĝo 42-jara
Uzula(j) paĝo(j) en:User:Evrik
Partoprenante en Wikimedia de July, 21 2005 with first recorded edit John Doe. First anon edit (Urbanization) on January 21, 2004
Projektoj en kiuj mi partoprenas commons, wikt, wikisource wikibooks, wikiquote and meta
Lingvoj en kiuj mi partoprenas en, de and es
Ligiloj al miaj kontribuaĵoj en, es, de, commons ,wikt, wikisource, wikibooks, wikiquote and meta
Mia kandidatiĝo Legu alilingve : de, en (originale), eo, es, fr, it, ja, nl, no

I am continually amazed by the things I see at wikipedia and its sister projects. My first experience with computers was programming simple games using punch tape, and the on an Apple_II_Plus. I got my first email account in 1986 and started poking around on newsgroups, MUDs and the Internet shortly after. I see the wikis as a great example of the possibilities of the Internet to disseminate knowledge and to build civil society.

As a board member, the issues I would focus on issues in three broad areas:

1. Building community

  • Peer review is what makes wikipedia great. Petty infighting is aggravating and drives people away. I would work on ways to prevent conflicts
  • Admins and sysops are a great group of people. We need to promote their work by improving the ways they are selected
  • Promote communities of individuals with interest and expertise in specific topics. This in turn will improve article quality.

2. Promoting articles that expand knowledge, are accurate and fair

  • Promoting interlanguage coordination – reducing the difference between articles in different languages and strengthening the projects with a smaller number of articles by making translations easier.
  • Building partnerships with verified resources (encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.) to improve the accuracy of articles and improving the reliability the information
  • Promoting groups of technical experts in key areas (like copyright issues). Improving the brain trust involved in key issues will help with reducing conflicts between contributors.

3. Building a strong financial base for the foundation

  • Increase the financial stability by expanding the donor base of the foundation. This includes promotion of an endowment.
  • Work to recruit volunteers and donors to the foundation and acknowledgement of those donors.
  • Explore ways that we can use technology to improve how information is delivered.
  • Build our technical infrastructure

I have the experience in non-profit management and the technical knowledge to contribute to the wikimedia foundation.

Bonvolu lasi demandojn tie en:User talk:Evrik

Kim Bruning en[edit]

-Konfirmita.--BradPatrick 03:30, 29-a de Aŭgusto 2006 (UTC)

Uzula nomo Kim Bruning
Vera nomo Kim Bruning
Loĝloko Nederlando
Aĝo 28
Uzula(j) paĝo(j) en:User:Kim Bruning
Partoprenante en Wikimedia de Redaktas regule ekde la 7-a de novembro 2003. (La unua redakto: 7 nov 2001).
Projektoj en kiuj mi partoprenas Mia hejma vikio estas en.wikipedia. Mi helpis per konsiloj al nl.wikipedia kaj en.wikinews, mi ankaŭ estas de temp' al tempo envolvita en rapidigo de la ellaboro de iloj kiel vandalfighter kaj mi nun penas kolekti homojn por kolekti iom da sociologia statistiko pri Vikipedio. Ĉeestintaj en Wikimania probable estis en unu el la diskutoj, kiuj rezultiĝis el tio.
Lingvoj en kiuj mi partoprenas Mi studis la nederlandan, la anglan, la germanan, la francan kaj la latinan en lernejo kaj iomete da aliaj alitempe. Denaske mi parolas la nederlandan kaj la anglan, mi povas esprimi min en la germana, kaj miaj franca kaj latina estas ne plu tre bonaj.
Ligiloj al miaj kontribuaĵoj * en
Mia kandidatiĝo Legu alilingve : en (originale), ja

I normally don't approve of voting on-wiki, but this is an off-wiki vote for a real life entity. For one thing there's no revert button in real life, so the bold, revert, discuss method for obtaining consensus won't quite work. Bother.

I am a contributor to wikimedia projects because I strongly believe in copyleft and free/open content.

Some people here bring impressive resumes to the table, or have made interesting election promises. I'm only going to make a small number of big promises, because each of them would be difficult to achieve in real life. If I only pick a few, I'll have a realistic chance actually achieving all of them.

Note that with approval voting, you can simultaniously also vote for other candidates with similar programs. If you like a particular idea, please also vote for those other candidates with that program.

  • Internal communications: Currently, wikimedia is very fragmented. I'd like to get all those fragments talking with each other, I hope to achieve this by weaving a web; one link, one person at a time. I could do this without being on the board, but the additional opportunity for communication a board member is exposed to make this much easier. If you'd like this to happen, also consider voting for AaronSW, Arnomane, and Oscar.
  • Transparency: Right now, particular parts of the foundation have closed doors and are essentially running without proper community oversight. Some things have to remain secret, but there's decent methods to allow people to even check private processes. Only the board can actually force people to apply these methods, so someone on the board needs to take up this task. If you'd like this to happen, also consider voting for Eloquence and Improv
  • Long now: Wikimedia should be around for at least 100 years ('till the year 02101). One way to ensure that is to establish an endowment. Encouraging individual wikis to look at the way they are managed also goes a long way. Running the Foundation in a lean and efficient manner (with as little money as possible) also ensures longetivity If you're interested in this, also consider voting for Improv
  • 2 years. Even if I somehow manage to pull off all of the above in less time, I promise to stay on the board for at least 2 years to ensure continuity. There are many routine board tasks that are rather less grand than the above, but still need to happen with some regularity.
Bonvolu lasi demandojn tie en:User Talk:Kim Bruning/board