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Usuario Oscar
Nome real Oscar van Dillen
Lugar de residencia Rotterdam, Netherlands
Idade 48
Páxina(s) de usuario meta, nl.wikipedia, nl-projects, commons; basically i have userpages scattered throughout the projects referring to my userpage here on meta. except on a few projects where the name had already been in use, i am user:oscar throughout.
Colaborador en Wikimedia desde feb 23, 2004 (registered)
Proxectos nos que colaborou nl.wikipedia and other dutch-language projects such as nl.wikinews and others, some contributions to en, fr and de.wikipedia and the author of (according to a zh user) the "stubbiest stub ever": nushu ;-)
Linguas nas que colaborou i am a native speaker of the dutch language, but a near native in english and german, fluent in french and some working knowledge of spanish, swedish and italian. basic knowledge of turkish, spoken cantonese and written egyptian hieroglyphs. my username is oscar throughout the projects, except on spanish, where i am oscarami.
Ligazón(s) ás contribucións a short resume:
  • editor and bureaucrat at nl.wikipedia and other dutch-language projects, few other edits scattered over various projects.
  • as a steward since may 2005, i've endeavoured to help and advise many projects in many languages, for example i developed a good contact with and love for the turkish language vikipedia and its community
  • i am a member of the special projects committee and currently chair of the dutch chapter. having already talked my candidacy through with the dutch chapter's board members: i will step down as chair if elected for the board of trustees.
Oscar van Dillen.gif
  1. the deadline for the candidates' statement being a bit awkward for me, i am writing this from a camping in the auvergne, france.
  2. i am sorry to have witnessed angela's resignation, i greatly value her contributions to the projects, which i am happy to hear will not cease. in view of a temporary replacement being absolutely mandatory however, i decided to volunteer despite my busy life, since there is a lot of work waiting to be tackled as well as many problems waiting to be resolved by the wmf-board; solid decisions need to be taken rather swiftly in my humble opinion. i decided to volunteer, but not after first having consulted some of my fellow wikians, whose comments and views on this matter i greatly value and respect, so here i am: my candidacy should not come completely unexpected.
  3. please see my dutch userpage for some of my personal views; please bear with me, this is no scientist (nor technician: i confess to sometimes still struggle with codes), but rather an artist speaking...
  4. i am a professional composer and teacher at the rotterdam conservatory. even as such, i do not believe in copyright, especially not in copyright on ideas, and have long resisted joining the copyright organizations of which composers have to be a member of. finally i had to submit, since i found out that without joining it is virtually impossible to publish one's works, especially on cd. i am a firm believer in copyleft in general.
  5. prior to having become a professional composer, i worked as a manager in corporate life, with experience in both profit- and non-profit organizations in the netherlands ('87-'95). i discovered britannica (oops, wrong text, should i mention this at all??) at the age of 10 in 1968 and have been in love with the gathering and spreading of knowledge all my life :-)
  6. i am an advocate of real-life meetups whenever feasible, which in my small country have proven to be relatively easy to arrrange (i organized the rotterdam symposium where in september 2004 jimbo, anthere and angela for the second time met irl), and actually believe that, next to regular conferences on irc, the wmf-board should meetup in real life at least three times a year at the present state of things (not to mention meeting at wikimania as well), in order to be able to work most efficiently.
  7. i am rather quick at learning languages and would not mind at all to learn some more along the way...
  8. whether we are constructing an ark of noah for human knowledge, or "just" boldly working at the gradual completion of the tower of babel still remains to be seen, but i strongly believe that such is in our own hands for a larger part than could "reasonably be expected". please let it be clear that it is for this very reason that i most emphatically believe in the importance of the wmf's mission, and have been devoting most of my free time for 2,5 years now to the consolidation and further development of its projects and communities. i will continue to do so, no matter the outcome of these elections.
Preguntas ao candidato my meta talk page or email at oscar<dot>wiki<at>gmail<dot>com.