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Usuario Zuirdj
Nome real Juan David Ruiz
Lugar de residencia Santiago de Chile, Chile
Idade 30
Páxina(s) de usuario es-wikipedia, Commons, en-wikipedia; user accounts in almost all projects.
Colaborador en Wikimedia desde march 27 2003 as registered user
Proxectos nos que colaborou es-wikipedia; commons; meta; en-wikipedia (ocassionally); pt-wikipedia (ocassionally); OTRS-es; several conferences and workshops about wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in Chile and Argentina; colaborator in Gleducar and Educalibre, projects based in the collaborative construction of free knowledge using MediaWiki and contents of Wikimedia projects.
Linguas nas que colaborou spanish; intermediate level of english, especially written; intermediate level of portuguese, especially spoken and I can read with no problems; I can understand some italian and french
Ligazón(s) ás contribucións es-wiki, Commons, Meta, en-wiki.
Presentación The efforts of a community of volunteers interested in free, high-quality content, available in different languages for users throughout the world, have resulted in a project which would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Every challenge has been a new one and because of that we have had to create new ideas to resolve them. The task has neither been easy nor problem free, like the Spanish Wikipedia fork issue. I arrived at the Spanish Wikipedia project after the split when there were almost no native speakers contributing. That situation was very extreme, at odds with the diverse spirit that is the foundation of our projects.

It is because of that diversity that I'm running as a candidate. Wikimedia Foundation is beginning a new age: our communities are starting to get interested not only in the creation of content, but in projects that will allow that content to be seized by professors, students and the world at large. Our volunteers seek to eliminate the language and geographical barriers that split us, as is shown in the recent participation in Meta.

With my candidacy, I want to express the new age that is upon us, conscious of my coming from a diverse project, with language barriers that cannot be disputed and with a geographical gap that could be seen as a hardship, but that it is also an advantage because it lets me see the project from a different perspective. I'm aware that there are several candidates whose ideas, resumes and virtues put them at the top of the preferences, and the elected candidate among them will make an excellent member of the board. But I'm also concerned that these candidates lack the diversity that should characterize us: almost all of the candidates come from the anglo-saxon or European world. If our ideal is to create content that can benefit all the corners of the world, then, is it unrealistic to dream of representing a community from one of these corners?

I see my chances of being elected as very slim, but my candidacy goes beyond election: it is a reminder that our projects are built upon a foundation of diversity and that we should take pride in that. If you are interested in my vision, please see my ideas in detail here.

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