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Europeana 1914–1918
Europeana 1914–1918
Wikimedia Denmark
Wikimedia Denmark

Wikimedia Denmark.


There has been no partnership specifically for Europeana/1914-18, but Wikimedia Danmark has for some time now had monthly meetings with GLAMs in the Copenhagen area, including Europeana participants. It has increased drawn attention to Danish artworks and Danish films.


  • Added Wikidata items for artworks related to the period. For the few paintings and sculptures available in the Hirschsprung Collection, we believe that the information in Wikidata is complete with respect to items and media files. For other Danish museums the coverage is varying. Metadata from the National Gallery of Denmark is good. An overview of the present entries in Wikidata is here.
  • Users affiliated with Wikimedia Denmark have added metadata about a very large part of films registered in the Danish film database to both Wikidata and the Danish Wikipedia. The project has been in coorporation withe the Danish Film Institute. We find 580 films registered in Wikidata where the "publication date" has been set to (>1913 and < 1919), see [1].
  • We have only been able to identify a single listed building from the period that are among Danish listed buildings: Gyttegård. There is now a small Danish Wikipedia article about the villa.


Selection of paintings from the period available in Danish museums where extensive metadata exists on Wikidata.