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to be renamed as necessary; from the sep. 20 public spc meeting

There are many parts of the world where few people, even among the net-savvy, know what Wikipedia is. And many more where few of the people who use Wikipedia have any idea that it is entirely edited, and primarily run, supported, and maintained, by a global community volunteers.

Few people can see the project or visit its pages with the same attitude after discovering this—they are one more step down the road towards joining a culture of collaboration, where it is natural to think in terms of sharing what one has learned with everyone else in the world, as quickly as possible.

Internet cafes[edit]

In general, a net cafe owner influences the surfing activity of thousands of people. Every one of these cafe owners in the world should know what wp is( What is it?) and should have an easy way to incorporate info about wp into their environment—as one of their default 'programs', as the startup page of their browser, in the form of little handouts or brochures or stickers for anyone who cares.

In the developing world[edit]

In Nigeria, forinstance, most net cafes are dominated by gamers and scammers, practicing their arts and crafts. Cafe owners often don't like this, but don't know what to do about it.

  • Prof. Raymond Akwule (runs NetPost, not a net cafe, but a service provider; involved with various ICTs). contacts: Anthere, Sj
  • Tunde Erinjogunola, Exec Dir of ICTek Ltd. I believe he runs a few net cafes; also passed on as a contact via JT and Rolando. tunde (at) ictek.co.uk
  • JT, travelling from cafe to cafe for a week+ trying to turn users away from scamming towards video production.

Development groups[edit]

Womens dev[edit]

  • Hajiya Bashir. Chief coordinator, Women Development Initiative. No email, phone only :-) cf. sj.