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Event:Africa Wiki Challenge 2024/FAQ

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Banner - Africa Wiki Challenge 2024
Banner - Africa Wiki Challenge 2024

What is the Africa Wiki Challenge (AWC)?[edit]

The Africa Wiki Challenge is an online writing contest that invites all Africans within and outside the continent, encouraging them to contribute and improve content on Wikipedia. The aim is to bridge the African information gap and enrich the representation of Africa on the platform through the collaborative efforts of individuals from Africa and the diaspora.

What exactly will Participants be doing during the AWC?[edit]

Participants are expected to contribute to content by writing new or improving existing articles, they can also engage in complementary activities (contributions) such as creating Wikidata items that align with AWC theme “Educate Africa: nurturing minds for the 21st century.” They can also add photos or any media file related to the theme on Wikimedia Commons and use them on Wikipedia and (or) Wikidata. Content must be related to the theme.

Who is Eligible?[edit]

The Africa Wiki Challenge (AWC) invites participants from diverse backgrounds to contribute and make a positive impact. The following are the criteria for those eligible to participate in the contest:

  • All Africans.
  • Any person of African descent.
  • Any individual who is interested in content about Africa.
  • Any individual who has a Wikipedia username.
How can I Participate as an Organiser Affiliate?[edit]

Here's how you can be a part of the competition. Sign up and contribute!

  • Share the Campaign’s communication flyers and materials within your country
  • Provide activity ideas
  • Organize training sessions
  • Organize office hours to provide support (before/during)
  • Help with translations
What are the Awards/ Prizes?[edit]

Outstanding contributors stand the chance of winning awards. You will be part of this effort in projecting Africa on the web. The prize pot for Africa Wiki Challenge 2024 includes: