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Explore Africa

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The Explore Africa Project

Explore Africa 2022

Africa is a beautiful continent with great people and offers countless destinations worth exploring for people who are travel enthusiasts. With over 1.2 billion people, Africa is the second most populous continent. However, there is little information detailing the travel destinations.

The Explore Africa Campaign aims to bridge the content gap that currently exists with respect to notable landmark areas. This would be accomplished by engaging with travel and tourism professionals who will provide their knowledge on landmark locations and tourist destinations. We would recruit and engage new wikimedians who will create and enhance content about travel destinations.

Contents will include:

  • Cities
  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Geographical regions
  • Phrasebooks
  • Itineraries

Who Should Participate



  • Travel and tourism professionals who can bring their high level of knowledge, interest, and experience to the table in enhancing the content on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage, respectively.
  • Travels and tourism enthusiasts.
  • Wikipedia and Wikivoyage contributors.


  • Seasoned Wikipedia Organizers in target countries who can help mobilize existing Wiki contributors and run training sessions and edit-a-thons.

Why Participate

  1. Your contributions will increase African-generated content about the continent’s travel destinations on the web.
  2. You will help create awareness and interest among the general public about the project and create visibility of the African tourism sector on Wikipedia and its sister projects.
  3. Help propagate the need to create more content about tourism in Africa that promotes the culture, history, and heritage of our people.

Campaign Timeline


Start Date


December 1st, 2022

End Date


January 31st, 2023

Register on the dashboard

Campaign Rules

  1. All participants must create a Wikipedia account and be signed in before making any edits.
  2. Make sure you are registered on the dashboard, so your edits can be tracked as part of the campaign.
  3. All contributions as part of the campaign must follow or be related to the theme of the campaign. Creating Articles outside this scope will not count.
  4. One point (1.0) would be awarded for every new Wikivoyage article.
  5. One point (1.0) for every 1000 bytes of content for the articles.


Explore Africa
  1. 1st prize: Shopping Voucher: $500
  2. 2nd prize: Shopping Voucher: $300
  3. 3rd prize: Shopping Voucher: $200
  4. 4th prize: Shopping Voucher: $150
  5. 5th prize: Shopping Voucher: $100
  6. Itinerary prize winner: Shopping voucher: $150
  7. Phrasebooks prize winner: Shopping voucher: $150