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Explore Nigeria
Explore Nigeria
Explore Nigeria

Explore Nigeria is a project to promote travel information and tourism in Nigeria by improving existing and creating new articles about cities, villages, geographical areas/regions, churches, monasteries, buildings, schools on the English Wikipedia and English Wikivoyage.

There exists a huge gap about African destinations on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage without any significant attempt at carrying out a complete overhaul and improvement. We are attempting to bridge the knowledge gap on travel information on the African continent and within African countries on Wikivoyage.

Our overall goal is to reduce the knowledge gap of travel information available on the English Wikivoyage for Nigerian destinations (States, Cities and Towns) and highlighting the tourism potential in the various destinations. We also intend to update and improve the quality of existing articles on the English Wikipedia and position the English Wikivoyage as a reliable travel advisory for travelling in Nigeria.

This is in line with the Wikimedia movement 2030 strategy recommendation of identifying topics for impact, and the following initiatives: list of high-impact topics, bridging content gaps and content initiatives in underrepresented communities.


  • Raise awareness about Wikivoyage as a travel advisory in Nigeria.
  • Create new and improve existing Wikipedia and Wikivoyage articles on African travel, geographic information, sports, cultural and tourist sites.
  • Partner with organizations and bodies involved in African culture, travel and tourism towards showcasing, generating and promoting free knowledge about African culture, travel and tourism.

How to participate[edit]

1 Sign in or Create a new account on Wikipedia.

2 Enroll on the Explore Nigeria Outreach Dashboard to track your contributions. (Outreach Dashboard)

3 Register for the onboarding and training sessions. (Registration link)

4 Sign up in the participants section on this page.

5 List the articles created or improved under the Articles created/improved section.

Jury Process[edit]

In order to ensure transparency and fairness, scoring in this competition would be quantitative; keeping in mind that all articles must meet Wikipedia and Wikivoyage standards for notability, quality and sourcing, as described in the rules declared in the following section. Any article may be disqualified at the judges’ discretion.

The scoring system for the winners would be as follows:

  • One point (1.0) would be awarded for every new Wikipedia and Wikivoyage article.
  • One point (1.0) for every 1000 bytes of content for the articles.
  • Half a point (0.5) for every quality source or citation used in a Wikipedia article.

Results can be viewed here.


  • Please read the rules very carefully before the contest commences.
  • Articles must be in the mainspace by the end of the competition period.
  • All entries are expected to be fully sourced, with no unsourced claims. Try to make the formatting consistent with dates and layout; clean, useful new entries are what the contest is about.
  • It is important that before starting new entries, especially on the English Wikipedia, you take the time to ensure that articles meet notability guidelines and have the adequate coverage in reliable sources needed to be acceptable on Wikipedia.
  • Articles should comply with the Wikivoyage:Quick contribution guide and Wikivoyage:Welcome, Wikipedians to be acceptable on Wikivoyage.
  • Take extra care to avoid paraphrasing and copyright. While producing a lot of content, it is sometimes difficult to avoid sentences that do not resemble something in a source but it is important that the articles are without problems and will stick around on Wikipedia for a long time.
  • No automated, semi-automated tools, scripts or manual templates to mass generate content are permitted for the contest. Any indication that editors are cheating by using a cookie-cutter template or script to mass-generate through lists may lead to disqualification.

Campaign timeline[edit]

  • Start for entries: 15th December, 2021
  • Deadline for entries: 31st January, 2022
  • Results announcement: February, 2022

Prize categories[edit]

Winning prizes are

  • 1st prize: Shopping Voucher: $250
  • 2nd prize: Shopping Voucher: $200
  • 3rd prize: Shopping Voucher: $150
  • 4th prize: Shopping Voucher: $100
  • 5th prize: Shopping Voucher: $80
  • 6th prize: Shopping Voucher: $50
  • 7th prize: Shopping Voucher: $30

Return flight ticket for overall winner.


To participate you just need to sign up in the participants section.

To add your name, edit this section and add '#~~~~' without quotes to the bottom of the list, then publish changes.
Click here to join!

  1. Paulboht (talk)
  2. LovelyChizzy (talk)
  3. Dammy Kaka (talk)
  4. Edriiic (talk)
  5. James Rhoda (talk)
  6. Ifedohlapo (talk)
  7. Adefanike (talk)
  8. Ridzaina (talk)
  9. Ogboinba) (talk)
  10. Fine acer (talk)
  11. Amiliciouz (talk)
  12. Omolarabasirat (talk)
  13. Dumzy006 (talk)
  14. JadePhenom (talk)
  15. Kylemaverick (talk)
  16. OTim75 (talk)
  17. MoeKray (talk)
  18. Vigil Shadrach (talk)
  19. La femme radio (talk)
  20. Semmy1960 (talk)
  21. Aderiqueza (talk)
  22. Onuoha Onyinye (talk)
  23. Pojo07 (talk)
  24. Osenibabalola0 (talk)
  25. Kojodavid (talk)
  26. Atibrarian (talk)
  27. O'femi Muiz (talk)
  28. B.Korlah (talk)
  29. Benbeezy1 (talk)
  30. Oyedepo Joshua (talk)
  31. SuperSwift (talk)
  32. Biowikician (talk
  33. ee nn yy (talk)
  34. Mijesty (talk)
  35. Obamie (talk)
  36. Icrochets (talk)
  37. Taoheedah (talk)
  38. Tesleemah (talk)
  39. Felixoye11 (talk)
  40. Tweetomz94 (talk)
  41. Aunty Okiki (talk)
  42. Okikiolajnr (talk)
  43. Prinz Ayanfe (talk)
  44. Mujeebah (talk)
  45. Kingaustin07 (talk)
  46. KachiJames001 (talk)
  47. Favourdare123 (talk)
  48. Ei'eke (talk)
  49. Sameeyi2021 (talk)
  50. CrazyMedic (talk)
  51. Hopilo12 (talk)
  52. Samliverj (talk)
  53. Sameeyi2021 (talk)
  54. Ojochide Faith (talk)
  55. Ola2ng (talk)
  56. Grace789 (talk)
  57. Pdaisy (talk)
  58. ReoMartins (talk)
  59. Kojoclicks (talk)
  60. Damy399 (talk)
  61. Adess22 (talk)
  62. Ruby0433 (talk)
  63. Lordgentual (talk)
  64. Mir koks (talk)
  65. Em-mustapha talk
  66. Prithee P (talk)
  67. Ibjaja055 (talk)
  68. Abdulrahman0044 (talk)

Articles Created[edit]

Only place entries created during the contest here. List the article and your username and place the article at the bottom of the list. Try to ensure that they are a minimum of 1 kb and have adequate sourcing.

Articles Created
Article link Wiki Username
Suleja Wikivoyage Haylad
Iyere Wikivoyage Tesleemah
Palace of Ólówó of Ówo Wikipedia Tesleemah
Akungba Akoko Wikivoyage Tesleemah
Ajapa community Wikivoyage Tesleemah
Imeko Afon Wikivoyage Ridzaina
Erin-Ijesha Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Yaba Bus Terminal Wikipedia Semmy1960
Ikire Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Igbesa Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Coconut Beach Badagry Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Lagos to Ibadan by train Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Mobolaji Johnson Train Station Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Igando Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Yankari Game Reserve Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Jimeta Wikivoyage Prinz Ayanfe
Okene Wikivoyage Prinz Ayanfe
Ikogosi Warm Springs Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Apapa Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Igbesa Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Odogbolu Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Jos Wildlife Park Wikivoyage Semmy1960
Arogbo Wikivoyage Tesleemah
Afon Wikivoyage Tesleemah
idogo Wikivoyage Tesleemah
Ibafo Wikivoyage Paulboht
Inalende Wikivoyage Paulboht
Tin Can Island Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ethiope Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ifo Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ile Oluji Wikivoyage Paulboht
Obafemi-Owode Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ikenne Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ogijo Wikivoyage Paulboht
Odogunyan Wikivoyage Paulboht
Atan Wikivoyage Paulboht
Kanshio Wikivoyage Paulboht
Yaza Wikivoyage Paulboht
Kasuwa Magani Wikivoyage Paulboht
Numan Wikivoyage Paulboht
Mubi Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ngaoundéré Wikivoyage Paulboht
Apomu Wikivoyage Paulboht
Girei Wikivoyage Paulboht
Njobbore Wikivoyage Paulboht
Achalla Wikivoyage Paulboht
Dawanau Wikivoyage Paulboht
Eti-Osa Wikivoyage Paulboht
Kajuru Wikivoyage Paulboht
Tunfure Wikivoyage Paulboht
Nteje Wikivoyage Paulboht
Kontagora Wikivoyage Paulboht
Upenekang Wikivoyage Paulboht
Obada Wikivoyage Paulboht
Bukuru Wikivoyage Paulboht
Uselu Wikivoyage Paulboht
Idimu Wikivoyage Paulboht
Oke Mosan Wikivoyage Paulboht
Takie Wikivoyage Paulboht
Lafenwa Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ota Wikivoyage Paulboht
Magboro Wikivoyage Paulboht
Oroworukwo Wikivoyage Paulboht
Kosofe Wikivoyage Paulboht
Ode remo Wikivoyage Paulboht
Jimba Oja Wikivoyage Paulboht
Iluju Wikivoyage Paulboht
Amuwo Odofin Wikivoyage Paulboht
Moniya Wikivoyage Paulboht
Nyanya Wikivoyage Mijesty
Jikwoyi Wikivoyage Mijesty
Orozo Wikivoyage Mijesty
Mararaba Wikivoyage Mijesty
Keffi Wikivoyage Mijesty
Karshi Wikivoyage Mijesty
Kurudu Wikivoyage Mijesty
Oro-ago Wikivoyage Mijesty
Tanke Wikivoyage Mijesty
Moro Wikivoyage Mijesty
Lugbe Wikivoyage Mijesty
Durumi Wikivoyage Mijesty
Sepeteri Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Obudu Cattle Ranch Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Agbokim Waterfalls Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Gembu Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Akwanga Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Igboho Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Emure Ekiti Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Idoani Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Farin Ruwa Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Nigerian cuisine Wikivoyage DammyKaka
Agege Wikivoyage DammyKaka
Okanle Wikivoyage OTim75
Babaloma Wikivoyage OTim75
Erin-Ile Wikivoyage OTim75
Ilala Wikivoyage OTim75
Ijara Isin Wikivoyage OTim75
Iloffa Wikivoyage OTim75
Omupo Wikivoyage OTim75
Lafiagi Wikivoyage OTim75
Aran-Orin Wikivoyage OTim75
Kaiama Wikivoyage OTim75
Ajasse Ipo Wikivoyage OTim75
Esiẹ Wikivoyage OTim75
Ode Omu Wikivoyage OTim75
Ifon Osun Wikivoyage OTim75
Gbongan Wikivoyage OTim75
Imesi-ile Wikivoyage OTim75
Ikoyi Ile Wikivoyage OTim75
Ifetedo Wikivoyage OTim75
Ipetumodu Wikivoyage OTim75
Ada town Wikivoyage OTim75
Okuku Wikivoyage OTim75
Iragbiji Wikivoyage OTim75
Ilobu Wikivoyage OTim75
Ibokun Wikivoyage OTim75
Esa Oke Wikivoyage OTim75
Itire Wikivoyage OTim75
Onikan Wikivoyage OTim75
Okokomaiko Wikivoyage OTim75
Ogba Wikivoyage OTim75
Okota Wikivoyage OTim75
Ajah Wikivoyage OTim75
Ojuelegba Wikivoyage OTim75
Ayobo Wikivoyage OTim75
Igbo-ora Wikivoyage OTim75
Igangan Wikivoyage OTim75
Igbeti Wikivoyage OTim75
Kisi town Wikivoyage OTim75
Ire Ekiti Wikivoyage OTim75
Ikoro Ekiti Wikivoyage OTim75
Iyin Ekiti Wikivoyage OTim75
Omuo Wikivoyage OTim75
Ijero Wikivoyage OTim75
Ikere Wikivoyage OTim75
Ukpo Wikivoyage Icrochets
Ahiara Wikivoyage Icrochets
Amaifeke Wikivoyage Icrochets
Ihiala Wikivoyage Icrochets
Okeho Wikivoyage Icrochets
Unubi Wikivoyage Icrochets
Fiditi Wikivoyage Icrochets
Umunya Wikivoyage Icrochets
Pategi Wikivoyage Aderiqueza
Nigerian Cinema Wikivoyage DammyKaka
Obot-Akara Wikivoyage Grace789
Oruk Anam Wikivoyage Grace789
Uruan Wikivoyage Grace789
voy:Awkuzu Wikivoyage Grace789
Oko Wikivoyage Grace789
Nibo Wikivoyage Grace789
Neni Wikivoyage Grace789
Masha Wikivoyage Grace789
Ibeju-Lekki Wikivoyage Grace789
Damban Wikivoyage Grace789
Bogoro Wikivoyage Grace789
Gadau Wikivoyage Grace789
Atani Wikivoyage Grace789
Akoka Wikivoyage Grace789
Maryland Wikivoyage Grace789
Ita Egbe Wikivoyage Grace789
Ikono Wikivoyage Grace789
Esit Eket Wikivoyage Grace789
Abagana Wikivoyage Grace789
Alor Wikivoyage Grace789
Abba Wikivoyage Grace789
Isuofia Wikivoyage Grace789
Odeda Wikivoyage Grace789
Mando Wikivoyage Grace789
Barnawa Wikivoyage Grace789
Gbaja Wikivoyage Grace789
Mbo Wikivoyage Grace789
Kawo Wikivoyage Grace789
Bende Wikivoyage Grace789
Bende Wikivoyage Grace789
Arochukwu Wikivoyage Grace789
Nkpor Wikivoyage Grace789
Ichida Wikivoyage Grace789
Okija Wikivoyage Grace789
Nnobi Wikivoyage Grace789
Obosi Wikivoyage Grace789
Katagum Wikivoyage Grace789
Kabala West Wikivoyage Grace789
Kakkau Wikivoyage Grace789
Ifelodun Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Oredo Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Efon-Alaaye Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Agbara Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Odigbo Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Brass Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ilara-Mokin Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Potiskum Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Karu Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Garki Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ijora Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Adamawa State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Trans Amadi Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Lagos City/Ikoyi Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Borno State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ise Ekiti Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Katsina State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Bodija Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Imota Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ebonyi State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Satellite Town Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Surulere Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Oba Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ebute Metta Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Jigawa State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Abia State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
LUFASI Nature Park Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Taraba State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ilawe-Ekiti Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Yaba Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Festac Town Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Alagbaka Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ojo Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Isolo Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ovia North-East Wikipedia B.Korlah
Precious Cornerstone University Wikipedia B.Korlah
Federal University, Wukari Wikipedia B.Korlah
Calabar Monorail Wikipedia B.Korlah
Summit University, Offa Wikipedia B.Korlah
Skyline University Wikipedia B.Korlah
Michael and Cecilia Ibru University Wikipedia B.Korlah
Kings University Wikipedia B.Korlah
Lagos-Calabar Railway Wikipedia Atibrarian
Amanchor Cave Wikipedia Atibrarian
Eyana Ipaja Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ekpoma Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Uromi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Auchi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Irrua Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ewu Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ukhun Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Cross River State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Snake Island Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Agenebode Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ubiaja Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Fugar Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ibillo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Afuze Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Akamkpa Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Akpabuyo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Bakassi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Biase Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Obanliku Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ikwuano Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Obudu Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Odukpani Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Dukku (Kebbi State) Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Yakurr Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ugep Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Bauchi State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Misau Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Alkaleri Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ningi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Azare Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Dass Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Jamaare Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kwiambana Game Reserve Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Toro Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Tafawa Balewa Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Warji Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Shira Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Darazo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kirfi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Zaki Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Gamawa Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Giade Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Itas/Gadau Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kogi State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ankpa Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Dekina Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Mile 12 Wikivage Atibrarian
Okehi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ogidi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Odo Ere Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ogaminana Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ijumu Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Koton Karfe Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ibaji Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Gombe State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Bajoga Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Filiya Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Billiri Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Malam Sidi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Nafada Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ribadu Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Deba Habe Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Balanga (Nigeria) Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Dadin Kowa Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ibeno Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Eket Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Etinan Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ibiono-Ibom Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ikot Ekpene Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Itu, Akwa Ibom Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ukanafun Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Mkpat-Enin Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Nsit-Ubium Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Abak Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Onna Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Okobo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Rivers State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Eleme Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Oyigbo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Degema Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Opobo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Abonnema Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Igueben Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Onuenonyi Echara Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Oron Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Nsit Ibom Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Rumuokoro Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kakuri Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kachia Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ishiagu Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Abor Wikivoyage Atibrarian
IMO State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ehime Mbano Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kano State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Kumo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Dukku Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Iboko Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Zamfara State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Omoku Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Abiriba Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Sokoto State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Okpella Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Abiriba Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Akko Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ahiazu Mbaise Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Aboh Maise Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ibobo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ososo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Itakpe Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Okpekpe Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Nsit Ibom Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Illah Bunu Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Idah Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ganjuwa Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Delta State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Anambra State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Edo State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Iyana Ipaja Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Apumiri Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Nkporo Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Ibeku Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Umu Nneochi Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Expressway Wikipedia Atibrarian
Benin-Ore-Shagamu Expressway Wikipedia Atibrarian
Lagos-Ibadan Railway Wikipedia Atibrarian
Gombe State Polythenic Wikipedia Atibrarian
TBS Bus Terminus Wikipedia Atibrarian
Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway Wikipedia Atibrarian
voy:Ilaje Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Bomadi Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ketu Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Boki Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Amuwo odofin Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Bwari Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ago-iwoye Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ozoro Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Agbado Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Iyana-ipaja Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Egbeda Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Wase Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ajegunle Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Oye Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ido Ekiti Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Gashua Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Akute Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Funtua Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Otukpo Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ikom Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Wuse Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Kwali Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Jahi Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Gwagwalada Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Kuje Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Nasarawa State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Asokoro Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Maitama Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Efon Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ikole Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Buguma Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Oshodi Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ifako Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ojota Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Unwana Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ewekoro Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ijoko Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Somolu Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Idiroko Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Magodo Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Kebbi State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Yobe State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Kwara State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Niger State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Plateau State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ibadan/Challenge Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Benue State Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Lagos/Iyana-Iba Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Lagos City/Ajah Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Lagos City/Lekki Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Alimosho Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Berger Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Obubra Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Ipokia Wikivoyage Lordgentual
voy:Obudu Wikivoyage Lordgentual
Articles Improved
Article link Wiki Username
Yoruba Phrasebook Wikivoyage Prinz Ayanfe
Yaba Bus Terminal Wikipedia Tesleemah
Yankari Game Reserve Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Epe(Nigeria) Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Lagos City/Ajah Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Ojuelegba Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Abia State Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Igbeti Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Iyere Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Ido-Osi Wikipedia Taoheedah
Ibadan Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Erin-Ijesha Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Nigerian cuisine Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Lagos City/Mainland Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Osun State Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Nigeria Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Gbongan Wikivoyage Ei'eke
Ikogosi Warm Spring Wikivoyage Ei'eke
New Karu Wikivoyage Mijesty
Wuse Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Agbokim Waterfalls Wikivoyage Taoheedah
Yoruba Phrasebook Wikivoyage Dammy Kaka
Eleme Wikivoyage Aderiqueza
Garki Wikivoyage Aderiqueza
Lafiagi Wikivoyage Aderiqueza
Kaduna State Wikivoyage Aderiqueza
Suleja Wikivoyage Aderiqueza
Rivers State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Okota Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Okota Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Oshodi Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Benin City Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Epe (Nigeria) Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Epe (Nigeria) Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Jebba Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Port Harcourt Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Akure Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Edo State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ogun State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Bayelsa State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Oyo State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ondo State Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Lagos City Wikivoyage B.Korlah
North East Nigeria Wikivoyage B.Korlah
South South Nigeria Wikivoyage B.Korlah
Ebonyi State Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Aba Wikivoyage Atibrarian
Okigwe Wikivoyage Atibrarian
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