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Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU

Giving Free Knowledge a Voice


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The Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU unites the European Wikimedia chapters and communities so they can have a clear and coherent position on major legislative and political changes affecting the vision, mission and values of the Wikimedia movement.

Read more about it or see the short Statement of Intent outlining our priorities.

What legislative files are we working on?[edit]

  1. TERREG (how to handle terrorist content online)
  2. DSA (rules and liability for online platforms like Wikipedia)
  3. Competition Rules for Online Services (When is a online service a monopoly? Should there be extra rules for such services?)
  4. e-Evidence & Europol Regulations (How can a judge in one country request user information from an online service in another country?)
  5. Disinformation (fact-checking, reliable sources, tools for moderation, advertising on "fake news")
  6. Data Strategy for Europe (open government data, open data, business to business data, data hubs)
  7. AI/ML (liability for AI systems, IPR on AI produced content, open source for AI systems)
  8. CDSM Transposition (How will the new Copyright Directive be transposed into national law in the Member States?)
  9. ePrivacy/GDPR (user privacy, entrusted to EDRi)

Some events we'll be participating in...[edit]

  • COVID-19 Crisis