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Foto Community User Group/Principíos de interação com o Movimento Wikimedia/en

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Principles of interaction and integration with the Wikimedia Movement.

Foto Community User Group (Organization or FCUG) understands that it is a member of the Wikimedia Movement, and applies the collaborative construction, principle of the Movement, in all its spheres. Thus, interaction with individuals, communities, and present and future organizations of the Wikimedia Movement is necessary for the good work of the Organization.

Organization Bases


FCUG follows a set of values and principles described in the Charter of Principles, as well as the Organization's Code of Conduct. Being a WUG, it also follows the Wikimedia user group agreement and code of conduct, the Wikimedia guiding principles, and Trademark policy.

As explained in the Code of Conduct, we are an independent organization, which does not respond to the Wikimedia Foundation, or any other member of the Wikimedia Movement.



The Organization is focused on multimedia production, our activities involve the production of audio, videos, photos, with the potential for possible others, such as illustrations, brochures.

The production aims to register Brazilian Cultural heritage (immaterial, material and natural). With greater focus on natural heritage, due to the offer in Brazil and not or low record of them.

Path of action in the Wikimedia Movement


As the Theme as the main motto of the Group, we declare that we will never be, want to be a Local Chapter, understanding that the best way is to become a Thematic Organization, with the potential to continue acting only as a WUG.

Online Communities


Due to the scope of our work, the Wikimedia community that we have the most contact with is Wikimedia Commons, for structuring the media, we also have contact with Wikidata, and Wikinews to increase accessibility, making transcripts and text support to the media.

For the training of our Collaborators and also, understanding that we can collaborate with Humanity with our knowledge, some courses aimed at media production will be created at Wikiversity, with support material at Wikibooks.

For interaction with other volunteers of the Wikimedia Movement, we will have an Outreach and Meta presence.

Other online communities will not have a substantial presence, other than in illustrations.

Groups working in Brazil and individuals


To act effectively, we must maintain a transparent and open environment for collaboration.

We understand that Brazil is a continental country, with great potential and need for action by the Wikimedia Movement. Thus, we encourage the performance of other present and future Groups and also of individual initiatives.

Creating non-competitive and collaborative environments is a necessity, and we will always seek this.

Individual holdings


The participation of other groups and individuals volunteers in our activities will be welcome, as long as their participation does not violate the Organization's Code of Conduct, and they follow the Wikimedia Friendly Spaces Policy.

The participation of our Collaborators in activities of other initiatives will also be encouraged, as long as it does not hurt the interests of the Organization.

When there is an activity that a Collaborator may be required by third parties of the Wikimedia Movement, due to their ability relative to our scope. We only ask that the volunteer have their work recognized, the Group informed and quoted. Often, the presence, performance, training and maintenance of this Collaborator with the Wikimedia Movement is the sum of the Organization's efforts, citing the Organization is an act of courteous recognition.

In cases where Collaborators of FCUG are vital for third party initiatives to occur, and within the scope of the Organization's activities, individual action will no longer be encouraged, and it is a best practice to mediate a partnership for this activity.



We understand that our performance is more effective when we work together, this is the basis of the Wikimedia movement, so, whenever it is interesting and appropriate, we will work in partnership with other members of the Wikimedia Movement and the Society. Invited to act, plan, with us.

In the opposite direction, where the activity is managed or created by other members of the Wikimedia Movement, we will always be open to listen to the proposals, reserving the right to deny our participation.

We reinforce that our scope is only focused on the production of media (and structuring), in cases of activities of several fronts of action, we will be responsible exclusively to our scope, and, when appropriate, also responsible for the organization.



So that there is no loss of energy between the groups, we will plan our annual calendar together with those operating in Brazil.

We will also check the calendar monthly and notify if out of calendar activities appears. We will do this for a page on Meta, and notices will be provided by the mailing list used by the Wikimedia Movement in Brazil.

In case of scheduling conflict, it will be checked, if the events on the same date are conflicting, and if so, how best to accommodate both activities.

The ideal is, wherever is possible, join forces, and work together.

Conflict resolution


Our actions, especially regarding partnerships, will always have clear rules and responsibilities, to avoid conflicts. When we know all the rules of the game, we hardly have any friction.

In case of conflict, for various reasons, we will meet with those involved, and discuss the issues in three stages:

  • On Meta, a neutral space, questions are raised and those involved are warned, possible solutions and resolutions on both sides will be discussed, and possibly resolved;
  • If not resolved, a proposal for a meeting between those involved to try to resolve the issues;
  • If not resolved, a third party specialized in conflict resolution will be called in to measure the situation, it is a limit situation, we must always avoid leaving the first stage.