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Proposed changes to wmf:Home.

Add a featured project section[edit]

Proposed. Iff we can commit to keeping it up-to-date.

Reduce size of Strategic Plan coverage[edit]

Proposed. Move a bunch of the strategic plan description text to its dedicated page (wmf:Wikimedia Movement Strategic Plan Summary); this content doesn't need to be on the home page any longer.

Now implemented.

"Home" in other languages navbar[edit]

Implemented. I removed {{HomeLang}} for now: translations of wmf:Home are embarrassingly out-of-date (e.g., this one or this one, both of which mention reports that are outdated or show videos that are outdated).

Placement of vision statement[edit]

Implemented. In this edit, I moved the wmf:vision statement to the bottom of the page. I think it's fine to include on the home page, but at this point in Wikimedia's life, I don't think we still need to be including it so prominently. It's fine as a footer, in my opinion. I also bumped up the font size of the intro paragraph and made some other very minor coding tweaks (syntax cleanup, mostly).

Some people have said that it's still important to include this statement more prominently on the home page. This relates to the intro text section, of course.

Intro text[edit]

Unloved. I inserted "educational" into the intro text as I believe this is part of the scope of every Wikimedia wiki (Commons seems to place particular emphasis on content being educational), but that whole block of text could use some (grammar) love, if anyone would like to help.

Reports and releases section[edit]

Proposed. Consolidate the following sections into a "Latest reports and releases from the Wikimedia Foundation" section:

  • Strategic Plan
  • Annual Report
  • Annual Plan
  • "Latest reports" index
  • "Latest press releases"

The five reports/releases sections mentioned will likely end up pointing to two different portals (or indices): wmf:Press releases and wmf:Reports.

Now implemented.

Blog section[edit]

Proposed. Re-title the blog section "Latest news and views". A related issue is that the page currently claims the blog contains the "latest news and views from the Wikimedia Foundation", when many blog posts are specifically disavowed as being the Wikimedia Foundation's view, as I understand it. Best to not be so specific here, I think.

Now implemented.

Translation issues[edit]

Unloved. Related to the HomeLang section, Nemo says that we should try to keep the page simple (use fewer templates) to help with translation efforts. He's also proposed adding the Translate extension to wmfwiki in a bug.

Level-1 header[edit]

Implemented. AGK requested that the header be removed. This was done. Though I'm just now remembering that this only works for one page title currently ("Home"). We'll need to think about how to hide the header across the other main pages, maybe.

Projects section[edit]

Proposed. Currently a blob (a grid, rather) of project icons and their names and a very short description. Probably fine as a footer.


Proposed. The disclaimers are all a bit much.

Dear sirs,

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