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Here will come an overview of the banner texts and translations in the various languages.

Status update 3 July 2015[edit]

It is going fast the past 24 hours and before. Therefore this update below, written bij my colleague Dimi_z who is for the Wikimedia movement following the political developments in the EU in the past weeks and years:

1. We have managed to find enough MEPs from various groups to file a positive amendment affirming Freedom of Panorama. The signatures were collected with the help of mainly the Dutch, German and Estonian ALDE members.
2. As a result of the big pressure we exercised and the fact that his own group publicly opposed him on this, Mr. Cavada has now called everyone in the European Parliament to vote to delete his wording, but also to oppose the amendment, as a compromise. It looks like there is a solid majority for this compromise.
3. Delegations form the second largest group, the S&D, have taken public positions against the Cavada text. They have however also let us know, that they wouldn't appreciate being cornered into voting for new (ALDE) amendment. The reasons they cite are mainly of procedural nature.
4. It would take a lot of pressure to get the positive amendment through. Such an aggressive campaign pushing for the absolute maximum this early on in the legislative process could, I am afraid, hurt our standing. Especially banners are only effective if they are used conservatively and there is an imminent threat. This threat is not given any longer, which we should all congratulate ourselves for. This is something we achieved! I want to personally thank each and every single one of the hundreds of people who worked on this.
5. We can still push for the positive amendment by ALDE! We can do this by writing and calling our MEPs personally and ask them to vote for it. We can also do this by joining the petition, which will ask all its signatories to to do the same.
6. What we can and should do now is invest in the contacts we established with MEPs and their assistants. Thank the ones who answered and promised to help! Invite them to a Wikipedia meet-up! Offer you expertise! Ask them to help you with FoP on the national level if you have none!
7. Maintaining contacts is also important, as the copyright reform dossier will come to the European Parliament sometime next year. If we make friends now, it will make our lives much easier next time around.
8. The vote on 9 July will go down as follows: First the positive amendment by ALDE will be voted on, then after that the "split" (meaning deletion) of the FoP paragraph. If the positive amendment passes, we would need the deletion to be rejected. If the positive amendment is rejected, we need the deletion to get a majority.

So Dimi and the rest of the team advices to switch off the CentralNotice banner in your language and also not to create a Sitenotice banner instead.

As the community has decided to organise a banner by providing translations of the banner and the creation of a landing page, the local language community has to decide on this matter as well.

If you need more information or if you have questions, you can ask them through our helpline.

Thank you so much for all the work done! We have made our voice heard, with success! :-) Romaine (talk) 01:28, 3 July 2015 (UTC)


Note: On 2 July a banner has been set up which needed translations. Add your name + language to the talk page if you want to translate it. Then we get back to you when the text is ready.

Language code Text 1 Text 2 Text 3 Landing page
English (en) Photos of modern buildings must remain on Wikipedia A proposal in the European Parliament puts thousands of images on Wikipedia in danger. Learn more... Freedom of Panorama in Europe in 2015
Galician (gl) As fotos de edificios modernos deben permanecer na Wikipedia Unha proposta no Parlamento Europeo pon miles de imaxes da Wikipedia en perigo. Máis información... gl:Wikipedia:Liberdade de Panorama en Europa 2015
Spanish (es) Las fotos de edificios modernos deben permanecer en Wikipedia Una propuesta en el Parlamento Europeo pone miles de imágenes de Wikipedia en peligro. Más información... es:Wikipedia:Libertad_de_panorama_en_Europa_en_2015
Catalan (ca) Les fotos d'obres en l'espai públic han de romandre a la Viquipèdia Una proposta al Parlament Europeu posa en perill milers d'imatges de la Viquipèdia. Més informació... Viquipèdia:Llibertat de panorama d'Europa
Greek (el) Οι φωτογραφίες σύγχρονων κτηρίων πρέπει να παραμείνουν στην Βικιπαίδεια Μια πρόταση στο Ευρωπαικό κοινοβούλιο θέτει χιλιάδες φωτογραφίες της Βικιπαίδειας σε κίνδυνο Μάθε περισσότερα el:Βικιπαίδεια:Ελευθερία Πανοράματος 2015
German (de) Fotos von moderner Architektur muss es auch weiterhin auf Wikipedia geben Ein Vorschlag im Europäischen Parlament gefährdet zigtausende Bilder auf Wikipedia Mehr Informationen... de:Wikipedia:Initiative für die Panoramafreiheit/Leserinformation
Czech (cs) Fotografie současných staveb musí zůstat na Wikipedii Návrh Evropského parlamentu ohrožuje tisíce obrázků na Wikipedii. Více cs:Wikipedie:Svoboda panoramatu v Evropě 2015
Esperanto (eo) Fotoj de nuntempaj konstruaĵoj devas resti en Vikipedio Propono de Eŭropa Parlamento endanĝerigas milojn da bildoj en Vikipedio. Legu pli... eo:Vikipedio:Iniciato por libereco de panoramo
Swedish (sv) Fotografier på moderna byggnader måste få vara kvar på Wikipedia. Ett förslag i Europaparlamentet hotar tusentals bilder. Läs mer... sv:Wikipedia:Panoramafrihet
Estonian (et) Vikipeedia vajab fotosid nüüdisaegsetest hoonetest Euroopa Parlamendi ettepanek seab ohtu tuhandete piltide kasutamise Vikipeedias. Loe lähemalt... et:Vikipeedia:Panoraamivabadus_2015
Italian (it) Le foto di edifici moderni devono restare in Wikipedia Una proposta del Parlamento Europeo pone a rischio migliaia di immagini di Wikipedia. Per saperne di più... Libertà di Panorama in Europa nel 2015
Slovenian (sl) Fotografije modernih slik morajo ostati na Wikipediji Predlog Evropskega parlamenta ogroža obstoj tisočih slik na Wikipediji. Preberi več... sl:Wikipedija:Za_svobodo_panorame
Latvian (lv) Mūsdienu ēku attēliem ir jāpaliek Vikipēdijā Priekšlikums Eiropas Parlamentā apdraud tūkstošiem attēlu Vikipēdijā Uzzināt vairāk... lv:Vikipēdija:Panorāmas brīvība Eiropā 2015. gadā
Finnish (fi) Valokuvat nykyarkkitehtuurista kuuluvat Wikipediaan Euroopan parlamentin ehdotus vaarantaa tuhansien valokuvien näkymisen Wikipediassa. Lue lisää... fi:Wikipedia:Freedom of Panorama
French (fr) not adopted by the french speaking community Une proposition du Parlement européen pourrait entraîner la suppression de milliers d'images de bâtiments récents de Wikipédia. En savoir plus… fr:Wikipédia:Liberté_de_panorama_2015
Hungarian (hu) A kortárs épületek fényképeire szükség van a Wikipédián Az Európai Parlament előtt fekvő javaslat képek ezreit veszélyezteti Bővebben… hu:Wikipédia:Panorámaszabadság 2015
Slovak (sk) Fotografie súčasných stavieb musia zostať na Wikipédii Návrh Európskeho parlamentu ohrozuje tisíce obrázkov na Wikipédii. Viac sk:Wikipédia:Sloboda panorámy v Európe 2015
Luxembourgish (lb) Fotoe vu moderne Gebaier mussen op Wikipedia kënne bleiwen Eng Propos vum Europaparlament bréngt zegdausende vu Biller op Wikipedia a Gefor Méi Informatiounen lb:Panoramafräiheet
Danish (da) Fotografier af moderne bygninger bør forblive på Wikipedia Et forslag i Europa-Parlamentet bringer tusindvis af billeder på Wikipedia i fare. Læs mere... da:Wikipedia:Panoramafrihed
Română (ro) Imaginile clădirilor moderne trebuie să rămână pe Wikipedia. O propunere din Parlamentul European pune mii de imaginii de pe Wikipedia în pericol. Citește mai mult... ro:Wikipedia:Libertatea de panoramă în Europa în 2015
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