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Fundraising/Community FAQ

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This page is for addressing common community questions about the Fundraising process. For general questions about WMF fundraising, including how to give and what we spend donations on, please see the Frequently asked questions on donate.wikimedia.org.

Are chapters fundraising?


Wikimedia Deutschland (Germany) and Wikimedia CH (Switzerland) are able to run banners and process payments in their respective countries. You can find contact details and updates from them at the chapters portal. Many other chapters also participate to help localize the campaigns in different countries.

Are donations secure?


All payment information is transmitted securely, and the Wikimedia Foundation does not keep the credit card information of any donor. To find out more about how the credit card information is secured by the relevant payment processing client, you should contact them directly. See the Donor Privacy Policy for more information.

Why don't you accept donations in currency XYZ?


With over 180 circulating currencies in the world, it's extremely difficult to handle every single one. However we are always working hard to support more currencies.

Where can I see data/statistics about fundraising?


https://frdata.wikimedia.org/ has public raw data about fundraising. We hope to have an improved dashboard online soon.

How can I contact the fundraising team?


You can leave a message at Talk:Fundraising, or find us on IRC in #wikimedia-fundraisingconnect