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This page will be used to hold links and info related to the 2009 Annual Fundraiser. It is still very incomplete. Rand Montoya 22:03, 25 September 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Technical Concepts for the 2009 Annual Fundraiser[edit]

  1. Ensure working credit card processing system.
  2. Implement working Geo-locational tracking of donors for language and currency pre-sets.
  3. Building the new donation pages and testing them across browsers.
  4. Building the tracking pieces for all the new variables in our testing process.
    1. Tracking criteria for public reporting may include: 6 donation pages, 4 landing pages, 4 donation pages, date, language, page view, click-thrus, # donations, total donation amount, % of donations.
  5. Building and testing the site notices across languages.
  6. Addressing any load and crashing problems during onset of fundraiser.
  7. Preparing for any potential video needs/problems...potential formats include Ogg and YouTube.
  8. Map of donors: An interactive map will be very useful for increasing interest in donations and showing our global appeal.
  9. Making sure our site/process is secure.
  10. Email: Ascertaining our ability to mass email opted-in donors as necessary.

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