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00:00:00.797,00:00:05.985 我的父母親沒有很多可以與我們分享的東西或提供給我們什麼。

00:00:07.250,00:00:12.018 她真的沒辦法,他們就是無力買給我這些花俏的小玩意。

00:00:12.522,00:00:15.045 因為在我們的國家這些實在太貴了。

00:00:15.524,00:00:18.149 我的名字是Oarabile Mudongo。

00:00:18.154,00:00:19.861 我來自博茨瓦納。

00:00:20.400,00:00:22.068 我們的房子裡沒有電腦。

00:00:22.480,00:00:26.076 我門沒有一個人擁有電腦。

00:00:27.100,00:00:34.146 一家鄉鎮中的礦廠-他們捐了電腦給我們的學校。

00:00:34.618,00:00:39.873 在那時,我開始發展我對電腦的使用產生興趣。

00:00:39.914,00:00:43.588 我不敢碰觸它,你知道的,因為我必須想到

00:00:44.849,00:00:47.246 好了,我已經碰到了這玩意,如果我不小心搞砸了它呢?

00:00:47.923,00:00:52.782 如果我把它弄壞了,我需要賠償的話該怎麼辦 然後我的父母親沒有錢能賠的起嗎?

00:00:53.200,00:00:55.943 因為我的背景,我不得不這麼想。

00:00:57.947,00:01:01.294 而我看到自己在人生這方面相當成功。

00:01:01.870,00:01:04.950 We had this other club at school in high school.

00:01:04.953,00:01:10.736 They wanted us to be involved in more research, making a deep research,

00:01:11.156,00:01:17.513 so that I took an advantage of it to use the Internet as my source,

00:01:18.075,00:01:26.917 to get more information, and most of the information that I got when I was in that group -

00:01:27.050,00:01:28.661 the Math and Science Fair group -

00:01:29.137,00:01:33.604 I relied much on Wikipedia, and to share with you,

00:01:33.604,00:01:38.804 the information that I got, our project did well at the regional level.

00:01:38.820,00:01:40.390 We proceeded to the national level.

00:01:40.805,00:01:45.920 I heard rumors actually in school that [said] well, you shouldn't trust Wikipedia,

00:01:46.331,00:01:51.180 because Wikipedia - it's not a trusted source to get information for your research,

00:01:51.626,00:01:54.930 and I was very surprised.

00:01:54.929,00:02:01.400 Wikipedia is an open source where everyone can input, or throw in his or her idea

00:02:01.400,00:02:07.090 and then somebody else comes in and polishes on that idea to make it superb.

00:02:07.700,00:02:10.230 I had passed. so I had to progress to tertiary.

00:02:10.660,00:02:13.360 Most of my friends didn't make it to tertiary.

00:02:13.375,00:02:18.580 and looking at it from a background, I had to say no no no.

00:02:18.585,00:02:23.16 I need to achieve more so that I can bring something home, help my parent.

00:02:23.612,00:02:30.350 The information that I've grasped from Wikipedia really made me to move forward.

00:02:31.370,00:02:34.910 I managed to pass, because most of the materials that I read,

00:02:35.320,00:02:37.150 the research that I've made at school,

00:02:37.711,00:02:39.960 I got them right there from Wikipedia.