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Grants:APG/Funds Dissemination Committee/Design principles

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In order to develop a funds dissemination process and FDC that serves the movement most effectively, we have identified success factors that we are designing toward. This page represents a draft set of design principles, drawing on input from the 2012 Berlin conference by chapter representatives and the Board of Trustees.

Design principles for the FDC formation[edit]

  • Support pursuit of the Wikimedia mission
The FDC should ensure that funds are put to their best use to achieve the goals of the movement.
Over time, the FDC should increasingly promote the development of common strategic goals and priorities of the movement, which will require trade-offs.
Funds should be allocated in ways that support mission work, agnostic with regard to where the money was raised.
  • Be open and transparent
  • Promote decentralization and diversity
Funds must be allocated in ways that support decentralized programmatic activities for furthering our mission.
The Wikimedia Foundation and other Wikimedia organizations should be peers in the funds allocation process.
Processes (and representation on the FDC) should not preferentially benefit any one Wikimedia group/individual.
  • Foster innovation while supporting stability and healthy growth within the Wikimedia community
Fund allocations should ensure ongoing operations of the Wikimedia Foundation and other movement groups are stable; however, there should also be flexibility to ensure that funds are put to their best use, which means that movement groups are not entitled to funding.
  • Ensure fiduciary responsibility to the Wikimedia donor community and meet regulatory requirements
The funds allocation process should be rigorous to ensure funds are put to good use.
Due diligence processes should ensure funds are used properly, legally, ethically and with fidelity.
  • Enable simple, user-friendly processes with clear deadlines and expectations
There should be a clear and well-understood process for grants that is not overly complicated.
Grants of different sizes should require different levels of rigor and process, avoiding unnecessary restrictions that may hinder nimbleness.
  • Maintain clear roles and responsibilities for the decision-making process
The relationship between the FDC and other Wikimedia groups should be clearly articulated.
The process for dispute resolution should be clearly defined.
As a volunteer group, the FDC's role should be focused and aligned with members' capacity.
The FDC should evolve over time, adapting and incorporating lessons learned.
  • Drive to continual improvement and higher standards
The FDC should develop criteria for grant requests that include standards of quality of execution.
The FDC should create thoughtful and deliberate feedback loops to improve decision-making and use of funds over time.