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2011-12 Fundraising and Funds Dissemination process/Resource list

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Purpose of the list


The Wikimedia Board of Trustees are working towards developing guiding principles for how to raise and distribute funds to best benefit the Wikimedia movement. Those who have been following the several Fundraising and Funds Dissemination conversations are familiar with this, but if you haven't been following those conversations, don't worry. This is a very specific subtask to which I hope you'll be able to contribute.

This is part of a planned survey intended to help figure out what resources (requiring funding) Wikimedians want and need, and at what priority. It's not intended to describe the sum of all Wikimedia Foundation programs -- just resources individual contributors or Wikimedia-affiliated organizations like chapters might ask for. So, if you think "someone else should do X" (e.g. keep the Wikimedia sites running), it shouldn't be in the list below. But if you think "I might apply for funding/support for X", it should be in the list.

Please understand that the survey is not the final point of the conversation; it's really a launching point. The information received through this survey will be made public for everyone. Its purpose is to be useful information for us as we develop our thinking about the kinds of funding necessary for the Wikimedia movement to do its work, and how to best ensure everyone gets the money they need.


List of resources


Please feel free to add to and edit this list.

  • Access to physical reference works (e.g., books)
  • Access to non-physical reference works (e.g., databases of journals)
  • Access to physical tools (e.g., camera, scanner)
  • Access to better software tools (e.g., image editing, audio editing)
  • Access to training and skills development (e.g., writing, photography, mapping)
  • Access to technical infrastructure (toolserver, Wikimedia Labs, keys for using commercial APIs)
  • Reimbursements (e.g., local travel, admission fees, photocopying/retrieval fees)
  • Legal defence for individuals or community groups
  • Legal advice for individuals or community groups (e.g., copyright, libel)
  • Merchandise or prizes to give away (e.g., T-shirts, buttons)
  • Funding for travel to Wikimedia and Wikimedia-related events
  • Funding to stage a small event or competition, or to participate in a large event (e.g., food, cost of room or booth, posters)
  • Funding to stage a large event or competition (e.g., venue, signage, publicity materials, equipment rentals)
  • Funding for individuals to devote time to short-term community initiatives that can't be done on a volunteer basis (e.g., research project, staging of competition)
  • Permission to use Wikipedia/Wikimedia logos for co-operations/initiatives/events
  • Funding to conduct original research where appropriate (Wikinews interviews, oral histories, etc.)
  • Access to the sitenotice (e.g., for research or recruitment purposes)
  • Support for impoverished long-term contributors
  • Other (Please add here any other additional types of resources you think would support your work, or the work of other community members) ***let's make this a large free-text box, not a small one. Also, we need to add a notation about people ideally using Google Translate to machine-translate their words into English, if possible***

[1] "Access" in the first two items can take different forms: sustained subscriptions to aggregation services; (possibly capped) ad hoc retrievals (pay-as-you-go); prepaid expert reference desk services; etc.