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GLAM on Tour 16. – 19. November 2017

Getting there and Accomodation

Getting there[edit]

Please consider a map and a time table. The following information is provided without warranty.

By train and bus[edit]

Rarely interval connection but suitcase suitable

Main station is Locarno (terminus / Kopfbahnhof). On the opposite site of the road (Via della Stazione (Hauptstrasse 13)) you will reach the bus stop directed to the south. Take No. 1 with its destination Ascona, Posta. Please get off two stops before Ascona, Posta at Ascona, San Materno and switch to bus No. 5. It brings you to the parking area described in the section by car. This bus No. 5 operates quite seldom. Please check the time table and the frequency before home departure.

Alternative route

This trip is not acceptable for travellers with suitcases but is a smart way for rucksack bearers. From the main station in Locarno you may take bus No. 7 at the same point as bus No. 1. This line begins at the Piazza Stazione so you can't get in a wrong direction. Sur plus, its frequency is more often and longer in the evening. Jump off at the station Losone, Agricola (it's the 12th stop). Go quite ahead on the same road the bus has taken (Via Locarno) and then enter the Via ai Molini to the left. This road takes a turn to the left (south) and has a little gradient. At its first serpentine to the right you move strait ahead and walk now on the Via Monte Verità (!). At its summit you will find some stairs on the left hand site. After round about twenty steps you are at the hotel and the houses.

By car[edit]

  • Leave the Autoroute 13 at its end just after crossing the river Maggia. Do not follow the Hauptstrasse 13 through the tunnel!
  • Turn to the south direction and take the first exit at the turnaround (Viale Monte Verità)!
  • Take the fourth street to the right (Strada Collina), just after the Viale Monte Verità has changed its name into Via Borgo
  • It now gets uphill with a winding road (serpentines). After the second bus stop the street changes into Strada Collinetta
  • Follow this Strada Collinetta until you discover a medium parking area on the left hand side
  • Please park your car here and walk the last 80 or 100 meters on the private street called Monte Verità. The entrance is at the beginning of the parking area on the right hand side. For unloading, you may enter the area with your car.