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GLAM Macedonia User Group/Strategic plan 2018-2022

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This is a strategic plan 2018-2022 of GLAM Macedonia. This plan establishes the long term goals of the organization.


This plan is prepared as a collaboration process of the members of GLAM Macedonia. The plan consists the wishes, expectations and needs of our community members. Starting point of development of the plan was at the Board members meeting in May 2017.


Our vision is to follow the Wikimedia Foundation strategic plan and also to follow the idea of open knowledge, and incorporate them in the plan that suits the movement in the Republic of Macedonia. Moreover, our plan for the near future is to become a chapter of Wikimedia in Macedonia, having in mind that the Macedonian chapter is dis-functional. Additionally, we plan to expand our activities out of the scope of GLAM, as we have plans and visions to do more regarding the other areas of Wikimedia movement.

Strategic objectives[edit]

Strategic objectives for the period of next four years:

  • Working with the volunteers
  • Working with the media
  • Working with the GLAM institutions
  • Working with the education institutions
  • Working with the community

In order to fulfill strategic objectives we will continue with our efforts to support and increase the volunteers in the Wikimedia movement. One way is to be more active in media with information and announcement about the work we accomplish. Other way is to maintain outreach activities. About education, we plan to increase the number of members in the Wiki Clubs in Macedonia, and to open more Wiki Clubs or Wiki sections. Wiki conference for teachers proved to be a good way to increase involvement of education institutions in the movement. As we have a good cooperation with the GLAM institutions in the Republic of Macedonia, we will maintain the liaison already established and will get more GLAM institution involved according to our year's strategic plans.