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GLAM Macedonia User Group

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GLAM Macedonia is registered non-profit organization, and a user group of contributors, teachers and researchers interested to generate and organize projects and events including participation of Wikimedia volunteers, and employees from GLAM and educational institutions.

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  • Organize a edit-a-thons, workshops, etc. within educational program;
  • Engage the national students in Wikimedia projects;
  • Engage women in Wikimedia projects in order to avoid gender gap;
  • Develop research and extension projects in partnership with schools and partner institutions;
  • Create GLAM projects aimed at incorporating more content to the Wikimedia projects;
  • Participation in different cultural events ;
  • Collaborate with GLAM institutions in Macedonia.


  • Starting from April 2016, our members are in contact with schools in Macedonia, in order to organize workshops at schools. Several GLAM institutions in Macedonia are also willing to collaborate, i.e. to open doors for Wikimedia events, such as: presentation, edit-a-thons and workshops for students and employees (The State Archives in Republic of Macedonia, Museum in Bitola, Library Braka Miladinovci from Skopje, Karpos Municipality, Staro Nagoricane Municipality, etc.)
  • So far, we have agreement to start educational program within schools in seven cities in Macedonia, which is planed to start from Octber 2016.
  • We established a collaboration with Museum of Macedonian struggle to start a Wiki Club in scope of their Club for Children. Violetova spent time in the Museum in discussion with the officials about Wiki Club. We are happy to see the results, starting from October. The Director of the Museum announces our collaboration in public, on 5th Anniversary of the Museum. It is also published on the web page of the Museum.

Activity reports[edit]

Wiki Clubs[edit]

All together in the end of the first day of Wiki Club session in the Museum of North Macedonian struggle in Skopje
Participants of Wiki Camp Berovo 2017
More photos in the corresponding category on Commons


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Interested in participation and members[edit]

New members are welcome. We are open for collaboration with everyone who want to help in our efforts to spread a word about Wikimedia projects in Macedonia. At the moment, we have 88 members. Some of them are listed below:

Abhal555 (talk)